Reach Diamond Inventory management software

Reach Diamond Inventory management software:

Reach Diamond Inventory management software is an entirely cloud based software that is mainly built for diamond merchants as the requirements of a diamond business is as unique as any business Reach Diamond Inventory management softwaretherefore it has it”™s own requirements and Reach addresses all these needs.

It is an user friendly software that customizes with your business and allows you to have control over all your stocks.

Reach diamond Inventory management software also tracks the goldsmith orders allowing you to manage the goldsmith with ease.

Features of Reach Inventory management software:

  1. Point of sale

It helps in faster billing and has both touch and keyboard billing counters. You can work on it even when you are offline and separates cash and delivery counter.

  1. Lots and barcode management

This software helps you create lots and batches automatically and prints the barcode. The barcode scanner can then read the codes easily while the product is taken for billing.

  1. Accounting

The accounting module of this software takes care of your business income and expenses. The grouping, accounting, ledgers, taxation, bank operations and processes and records all the sale keeping history of purchases and sales.

  1. Invoicing

There are over 20 templates in Reach Diamond Inventory management software. It can be customized with your business logo and tagline. The invoices raised in foreign currency can be converted into INR automatically. Every time an invoice is overdue you can send an sms or an email as a reminder.

  1. Operations and process

This module allows you to carry out all the operations like servicing of the product and the process of the business. Also by allowing product service and maintenance warehouse wise and showroom wise in case you have more than one showroom and warehouse as Reach is also built to manage chain of business.

  1. Loyalty management

It stores the client and customer information and tracks their purchases. Hence every time they make a purchase you will be able to tell each individual apart. This way you can reward your customers with point for every purchase and allow them to redeem it on their next purchase or on whichever purchase they want to utilize it for example as Lifestyle gives you points for every purchase after you make a membership card with them.

  1. Addons

These are the extra benefits and requirements you receive to make everything more convenient for you. For example: E stores, Google play, Google calendar, project management tools, sms gateaways, payment gateaways, etc.

  1. Tally import

Import the excel files that are stored in Tally to Reach Diamond Inventory management software to manage  your reports with ease and mainly so you can have a backup. Reach is cloud based hence there is no risk of losing your accounts and records.

  1. Purchases

It tracks all the purchases and keeps in account of orders or estimates, purchase bills, returns and also manages the vendor.

  1. Sales

This software tracks all your sales and sale related matters like quotes, multi products operations, sales invoice, sales return, recurring, invoices on one attempt and customer balance.

  1. Access

This software allows multi user unlike other software that have limited user number. Reach is cloud based therefore it is accessible from anywhere and is also mobile friendly and comes as a mobile application. It has bank level security although it has an easy access and hence restricts certain areas for employees for your safety as per your requirement.

  1. Multi company

It is built to manage multi companies or chains of companies. Therefore you can create multi company and manage them individually from your smartphone. This makes managing chain of business and stores or two different business at the same time without you having to frequently visit or wait for the reports to arrive to you.

  1. Auditor view

You can check the entire financial report in it. Tax reports, VAT, report with e filing options, PF and ESI reports, TAX consulting modules, etc.

  1. Mobile application

As Reach is accessible from anywhere therefore it comes as an application as well so you can access your accounts and business from the most carried around gadget. You can access it easily from your ipad, iphone, android phone and take care of all your business processes and stay informed about your business anywhere you are.

  1. Bank synchronization

This feature allows you to handle your bank processes with ease. This way the transactions can be handled in an easier manner and you can save a lot of time.

  1. Multi branch

This feature helps you to create multi branch so you can allows different owners to take in charge of your business to make your business function better and to make your job less hectic. In case of multi company you take care of the companies on your unlike multi branch that hands over the power to other individual as well.


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