Simple retail business ideas for 2016

Simple retail business ideas for 2016

If you have been thinking about opening a retail store then this is the right time for you to start planning. There are various retail stores coming up in the market and these recent trends are hitting off with their new eye catching ideas. To give you a slight idea on what you can focus on making your retail business, here are some ideas for this year.


Retail business ideas for 2016:

  1. Wine

Be sure to choose a right location for wine retail store. Make sure that it”™s a posh area where wine is in demand and not an area where people like cheap liquor. People prefer a good wine occasionally so make sure that you have a good quality wine. Assort them alcoholic and non alcoholic wine and get the brands that are demanded. Once you are properly settled and have regular customers it will not be hard for you to get customers as the word of the mouth travels fast.

  1. To be moms and baby clothes

This type of retail store is a good idea as it is a budding business. You can select an area that has a maternity center or nursing home hospitals for opening your retail store so the mothers to be can visit your store as they will often be visiting these centers. Do a research before you open this store and find out about the trends and safety matters etc.

  1. Fruits

Believe it or not fruits are high in demand. It has every age as consumer so it is easy to sell fruits. Only drawback is that fruits are highly perishable hence you will have to be very careful and preserve them with extra care. Fruits are expensive as well but they are in demand hence you can have a good amount of profit from this retail business.

  1. Pharmacy

Once you are a licensed pharmacy and done working for someone you can go ahead and start your own store. Make sure it is well located for example in a place where departmental stores are located or opposite or next to a clinic etc. This business becomes very profitable for you if you know exactly where to locate it.

  1. Boutique

Boutique are always a good option for retail business. While opening a boutique you will have to make sure that you have a very unique approach towards your customers. It should provide a unique form of clothing and other accessories etc so you can fight against all odds and stand out in the crowd. Again as any other retail business make sure that your store is located in the right area with easy access for your target audience then there should be no trouble in getting customers.

  1. Bookstore

Bookstore is a good option if you are planning to go online. As bookstore these days sit barren hence you can get a good sale if you take it online. If you take your business online you can also find online community for your bookstore.

  1. Beer

Clubs, pubs and bars, all these places deal in retail beer. You can open a beer club. Beer is in high demand amongst all the other liquors as it is consumed double than any other drinks in the world. It is affordable and is more easy to consume other than the very hard drinks hence people choose beer when they decide to go on a marathon of drinking. Get beer of different brands and price ranges so all types of crowd are attracted to your place.

  1. Children”™s toys

This type of business can also boom once you know where to locate your business. Make sure that your retail store is located in an area where you can find a lot of children or where young couples reside. If you are going to locate your store in an area of older couples or an area where mostly college student reside you are likely to face loss as no one has a need of it the old couples have grown children and college students without any doubt has nothing to do with children”™s toys.

  1. Home decor and bedroom necessities

This retail store can do a lot and is in demand especially since it offers both home decors and bedroom necessities like bedsheets, pillows, mattresses, etc. It can be located either in a posh area, mall or somewhere near a residential area. It has less competition and is an easy business.

  1. Kitchen materials

Kitchen necessities are also in a good demand. You can also add dinning sets and stoves along with cutleries. Variety of things like gas stove, electric stove, aluminium, non stick pans, etc can be in options so the buyers can find all the things in one place and you can have better customer satisfaction.

Simple retail business ideas for 2016

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