Tips on how to increase employee productivity and happiness

Tips on how to increase employee productivity and happiness:

Tips on how to increase employee productivity and happiness

When you are happy you tend to do everything with your own will and when you do something willingly the outcome is more satisfying. What do you think will it be like if your employees willingly work for you instead of thinking it is just another day at work where they have to finish and leave.

A dull workplace makes your employees dull as well and that leads to less productivity.

Let”™s take  a look at the few tips on how to increase employee productivity and happiness:


  1. Give them a clear objective

Make it clear for your employees about your objectives and goals. Putting your goal out there will help them work towards it. A clear goal is required to put the focus on the path to the goal. If your employees are not sure about what the company is aiming for they will not find ways to improve their part at work nor will care to work towards anything new or better as they will just do their daily job and leave. Do not make it too complicated for your employees to understand you and your vision this might build up miscommunications and sometimes you might even lead them astray as they will just ponder about what they are doing and just stick to what they do everyday. That makes things monotonous for your employees making them hate their work and just doing it for the sake.


  1. Help employees build their profession

The young employees and freshers tend to jump from company to company looking for a job that will keep them interested, something that will help them build themselves and where they will find their heart. This can change if you keep them interested at work by talking to them personally about their further plans and what are their interests and most of all make them feel comfortable at work and prove your loyalty. This way they will stick around longer and be focused at work. This is one of the best Tips on how to increase employee productivity and happiness.


  1. Allow flexibility

Too much rigidity creates tension between you and your employee. Allow your employees to express themselves in their part at work and listen to their view and ideas as well. Do not enforce some schedules on them unless it is urgent and you have a deadline to finish them. An employee in each area already knows what they are to do in a day so allow them to schedule it themselves. You can advice them but not make them feel like they are working at a gunpoint.


  1. Tiny things matter

Little things at work matter as we know that tiny grains of earth can build a mole hill so when these tiny things get collected you will have an unaddressed issue with uninterested employees. Tiny things like meetings, dress code, refreshments, etc. These are the small things that can keep your employees feel a lot different at work. Allow a casual dress code as this will give them a little more freedom unlike formals that makes the entire day more tiring with the way it is designed and allows less relaxation which is required to make the day less stressful. Cutting back a little bit on too many meetings is also a better choice as this creates confusion at times and interrupts the employee’s workflow and makes the them feel like school kids as you do not need to have a meeting for every tiny thing. There is a reason refreshments are called what they are, no one can work an entire day without proper refreshment to keep them awake, interested and alive at work therefore it is extremely necessary that your company take canteen and type of refreshments served seriously. 

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