How can chatbots help your small business

How can chatbots help your small business:How can chatbots help your small business

Chatbots are just like  a person replying from the other side. Only that it is better than the actual person as it does not leave you on seen or blueticks, it replies immediately. No delay, no waiting and no long procedures.

Chatbots don”™t only add up to the charm of the business but also makes it more reachable for the customers. It makes the business process simpler and makes it available for the customers anywhere and everywhere.

So how can chatbots help your small business?


  1. Immediate response to customers

It is an instant process unlike the customer service or the customer support that makes you keep your customers hang online and wait for several minutes. This frustrates your customers and also makes your employees stressed with too many customers hanging online.

Chatbots give immediate response to your customers letting them skip all the delaying part. It also makes your business more reliable as the customers get support instantly and get answers to all their questions easily anywhere and whenever required.


  1. Increases sales

Chatbots easily increases sales. Chatbots makes your business easily approachable for the buyers and does immediate business. For example, your customer wants to book a table in a restaurant so they don”™t have to call up and reserve a seat, instead they can just ask the chatbot to confirm table for two, three, four, etc. This way your customers don”™t have to wait in line hence you can get maximum reservation easily. It makes business process easier with lesser formalities and saves times, both for you and your customers.


  1. Efficiency

As it saves time and makes your business more approachable it increases efficiency. It automates your business carrying almost most of the workload so you do not have to spend extra time on just customer support and customer satisfaction. It indirectly increases customer satisfaction as well since the customers will have their issues  resolved faster. Any questions regarding your business and service will be immediately answered by the chatbot resulting in better customer experience.


  1. Cost effective

Since a small business usually have a tighter budget you can also save more as the need for employee reduces after chatbot walks into your business. Chatbot takes care of customers and sales therefore you will be able to manage will a smaller team yet get better sale resulting in more profit and more savings.


Reach Chatbot

ReachRobo is a virtual accounting chatbot that works with a powerful accounting software as a back-end. It requires no complicated system or rules to access or chat with, it shows up even faster than your best friend replying your text messages and it is as simple as chatting with your friends in your friend list from messenger. The accounting reports are recorded for you to view them anytime and it takes your commands and does any accounting work for you in a matter of few seconds or minutes. The work of your virtual accountant is not limited in only making receipts it also raises invoices taking up your invoicing software”™s functions and also manages inventory from messenger itself by taking your orders.

Introducing your business to this next level technology increases the productivity of your team by 10 times and saves your from drilling holes in your pocket for accountant and accounting software.

Add Reach chatbot on messenger today and have better business management.

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