Android/iOS Accounting software with GST for India

Android/iOS Accounting software with GST for India

Reach is an accounting software that is any device friendly as it is cloud based. It can be used in Android,

iOS in mobile phones, tables and iPads.

Reach accounting software is GST ready which means it cuts down the unnecessary tax and only makes you pay the right amount decided by the government.

Reach accounting software helps in managing sales, CRM, billing, manufacturing, accounting and inventory across all your branches with a single web based software.

It is an advanced accounting software that is accessible from any location and any device. Reach is customizable and very user friendly.

Android/iOS Accounting software with GST for India

Reach also has a virtual assistant product named Reach Robo, it is a chatbot that allows you to manage your business in a much easier way.

Chatbots have been in the business lately and they are gaming it up for all the businesses. Reach chatbot is easy to use and always available when you need it. All it takes is adding it on a messenger a simple hello and you are good to go.

Chatbots can be a perfect assistant as they always reply as soon as a text is sent. They know what you want and they provide exact and enough information asked for by the user.

They are never tired hence you can ask them to do your task any time of the day and night. It remembers your preference and your daily inquiries and your choices so with time. It is ready to serve you round the clock and is always welcoming.

How to get started with Reach Robo

Step 1:

Add on messenger

Step 2:

Send a hello

Step 3:

Ask for assistance

For example:

  • Invoice creation
  • Manage expenses
  • Get reminders for your bills and due dates
  • Get your daily reports


It is necessary to have a kind of program that helps you manage your business in the easiest way possible. Reach Robo makes sure that your accounting is done in the smoothest way with just a text that can lead to managing your business in the smartest and easiest way possible.

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I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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