How does chatbot improve customer experience?

How does chatbot improve customer experience?

Giving a call to the customer care, listening to their jingle, promo and ads for ages while you grow impatient, yes we have all been there. The customer care does care for you but haven”™t dealt with some things that the customers are tired of, for example immediate response. Every company that you have ever taken any service or purchased from might have at least for once failed you or kept you on the line for more than you could take, when it comes to responding to their customer care.

But with chatbots it is as if the person on the other side is always available, ready to serve you and answer your questions.  


Chatbots are an artificial intelligence that interact with the users based on what they are designed for. There are many chat bots that are used for day to day life for example; Siri. It is a very advanced chat bot that answers almost all your questions and has witty replies for some of your day to day questions as well. Siri combines pre set scripts and neutral networks to respond and accurate or even predict the answer for the questions asked, making the users skip the conversation as it already knows what you want with the help of its memory.



How does chatbot improve customer experience?

Your customers can interact with your business better with the help of chatbots. Any business can benefit from chatbots in their business like online shopping, banks, service business, etc. The users can directly interact with your chatbot using any chatting platform like messenger, telegram, etc.  


The chatbots help the users in a much more flexible way to interact and get their job done or assist the user in what they want to do.

For example if a hotel business has a chatbot the guest can ask it for the availability of the rooms and book the type of room he or she wants, do the payment in any mode of their choice, get the choice of their breakfast plan, etc easily without having to wait for the front desk to be free to take your calls. It of course is different from the apps that helps you do the similar things but it is more flexible and makes it more easier as it is like two person having a conversation and the response is faster although chatbots will not replace apps as the experience may vary.

Chatbots increases the service quality of a business as you will be able to serve your customers 24/7 without any time limitation for the customer service. Chatbot also develops itself which helps it to predict your questions and keeps your preference in its memory so it assumes and accurate your choice of services, questions, etc, making it simpler for the users to extract service from business and reach you with ease. This way the comfort of the customers in doing business with you increases and that leads to inviting more customers as doing business with you just gets easier.

It will eventually reduce the cost for your business as well because you will be able to reduce the number of customer support for bots deliver excellent customer service on their part hence benefiting your business in several ways.

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