Brief introduction of chatbots

Brief introduction of chatbots

From time to time humans have been trying to gain more and more ways to make lives easier using technology. With all the the apps and all sorts of software taking care of day to day life, chatbots are also soon becoming a part of daily life. Although it is a new concept it has been gaining popularity due to its features that makes all the work convenient for the user.

Chatbots are an artificial intelligence that chat with you like a person replying from the other side.

Chatbots can take care of almost everything that you want to do, for example online shopping, banking, accounting etc, depending on which company has a chatbot option and depending on the type of chatbot. The chatbots can be used through any chat program like facebook messenger, text messages, telegram, etc.


How does it work?

Usually chatbots have a menu that they use to reply the user on being asked to complete a task or answer a question. At times their replies can be limited as certain functions might not include in their program. But with the improvement in the technology they are getting better with time and fulfilling all possible tasks that people want it to, depending on the company, business or type of chatbot you are dealing with.

Facebook messeger is one of the biggest platform where all the chatbots are landing to connect to the people.

The companies build chatbots for their business in messenger to connect with their customers with automated ways and make their work easier.

For example an online shopping business”™ chatbot can help a customer shop in an easier way, if she wants to buy a blue jacket of size 8 the user can ask the chatbot to display all the blue jackets from all the brands in size 8 from a particular online store and she can select it easily. Or if a customer wants to know the menu of a restaurant the chatbot can send all the menu and pictures of the food to the customer making it easier for him or her to choose what to order.

Chatbots can also develop themselves within time as it  is able remember certain conversations although there are limitations yet it can save certain conversations in its memory and assume your questions providing you with suggestions even before you ask.



To put down the types of chatbots will only put limitations to it as there are numerous chatbots and any business that wants to create a chatbot can do so and moreover various business are coming up with more advanced chatbots. Some of the chatbots that are on top are:

  • Weather bot
  • Grocery bot
  • Scheduling bot
  • A normal friendly bot
  • New bots
  • Finance bot
  • Life advice bot

However, future of chabots is still in the making but wherever it has made it till date is impressive and have been helping the users make their lives easier.

Brief introduction of chatbots

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