Asia’s first Accounting chatbot launched by an Indian Company on 1st of October 2016.

Indian Company ”œReach Accountant Software” has launched Asia”™s first Accounting chatbot ”œReach Robo” on 1st of October 2016. Within few hours of launch they have got hundreds of people using it. The best part about Reach Robo chatbot is it is offered free of cost. This chatbot can be used by businesses for entering their income and expenses on the move using their Facebook messenger. For those of you, who are not aware of what a chatbot means let me explain.


Chatbot is a messaging service where the user can communicate with a bot or chatbot and the bot will answer the queries automatically using Artificial Intelligence (AI) or through Natural Language Processing (NLP).What this does is it saves lot of time spent on human interaction for getting information or service. These virtual robots are supposed to take over the apps which people are using now. The biggest drawback with apps is it occupies our mobile phone”™s space and every app has to be installed. If you take a chatbot there is no installation required. It will work in your Facebook messenger itself.

Reach Robo is one such bot which can be accessed using your facebook messenger. All you have to do is add ”œReach Robo” as your friend or send a ”œHi” message to ”œReach Robo”. After that it will start the conversation with you. This bot will help business people especially the ones who are on the move, home based business, start up, online business, service business and many more. Most important aspect of this chatbot is as a user you do not have to learn something new and at the same time your accounting gets managed automatically through reach accountant software. Since Reach Software has been in the software industry for quite long time you can be assured that your accounting part of it is taken care well. This bot will also send reports to you on a daily basis. If you want to see one particular customer”™s or vendor”™s payment details you will have to just ask the bot. It will fetch and bring you the data in no time. On the other hand, if you are using an app then you have to log into that application and go to reports section and filter that particular data. This saves lot of time and it makes your life easier.

Reach Robo is set to make a mark in the accounting chatbot space at a global level. The company is looking to cross the 1000 subscribers mark quickly. To use this chatbot you will have to say ”hi” to Reach Robo here

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