List of best free accounting software

List of best free accounting software

If you want an accounting software but is not ready to pay just yet then there are many software that you can download for free. Usually the accounting software are purchased from the vendors but these software vendors charges nothing, you can download them for free and start using it as soon as downloaded while some can be directly used from the net by going online and creating your account.

Here is a list of such software that you can use for your business.

  1. Lazy8Ledger

It is a free accounting software that allows you to keep an eye on all your accounts. It”™s special features is bookkeeping of multiple companies at a time. It keeps a track of your accounts and displays in a graphical manner.


  1. BS1 Accounting

It is software that handles your business”™ inventory, sales analysis, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, etc. BS1 takes a note of your profit and loss as well allowing to keep an eye on entire business”™ accounts.


  1. GnuCash

It is a free accounting software that takes care of your expenses, income, stocks and your bank accounts. GnuCash easily makes financial reports and balance sheets for your business. It is mainly built for small business. It can used by an individual for personal purposes.


  1. PostBooks

It is a CRM plus ERP software which includes accounting and it is built for small business owners as well. Using PostBooks you can keep track of your inventory, make purchase order, balance sheet, create reports etc. Its modules include, manufacturing, report writing, inventory and distribution, product definition, purchasing, CRM, sales and accounting.


  1. Grisbi

It is a free accounting software that handles various accounts and can manage international currencies. Grisbi tracks your accounts, expenses and your income. It informs you about your financial history, budget margins, third party”™s useful information.


  1. TurboCash

TurboCash can be used by all sizes of business, be it small, medium or big. It is a complete account book that lets you maintain income statements, trial balance, vat accounting, invoicing, balance sheets, stock control, bank reconciliation statement, general ledger, creditors, debtors, etc.

List of best free accounting software

  1. Reach Accounting

It is a cloud based software that is easy to operate. It”™s dashboard shows you your work profitability, work progress and your expenses graphically. Reach”™s dashboard also shows you the highest selling product, highest value customer and highest value sales executive. Its features include of dashboard, receipts, accounting and payments. It has over 20 receipt templates customized for your business that allows you to create professional invoices.

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