Why are cloud POS better than your manual registers?

Why are cloud POS better than your manual registers?

Cloud POS or Point of sale software are programs that takes care of the billing and account keeping of your business and are entirely cloud based. We see many retail and other business that requires fast billing using a bar-code reader and the name of the product and the price appear that adds the total, well POS software helps in faster billing and much more.

It just does not spare you from disappointing your customers as everyone hates waiting in the queue when there are so many other work that needs to be dealt with.

The regular manual can be a headache when you have a lot of customers in a day waiting frustrated in a line and your employees get stressed out as well. The manual registers are a messy business, you can go wrong anytime and get yourself tangled in between all the records. There are endless possibilities of how it could bring trouble, for example accidentally misplacing a report or entering wrong amount or even losing data, etc.


Let us learn in more details why are cloud POS better than your manual registers:

  1. Cloud POS stores all your accounts and records in the cloud so you always have a backup and you can restore your accounts easily never having to worry about any system crash or mishaps.


  1. No matter how many items your customers bring over to the counter you can finish off the billing in few minutes.


  1. The accounting process becomes very simple as it is an automated software therefore you only need to let it do its work after you enter the accounts.


  1. Unlike your manual register which can only keep records when you enter them POS software will automatically integrate with your inventory or even have an inventory management module so you can keep a check on your inventory level.


  1. POS makes it simpler for you to check past records whenever you want to.


  1. It generates automated invoices so your customers gets the complete information of all the purchases that they made with details.


  1. It tracks your items and automatically cuts down the discount from the items and makes it easier for you to bills the items.


Why are cloud POS better than your manual registers?

Reach POS software is a cloud based POS that is user friendly and reports everything in real time. It integrates with other systems easily and takes care of your business.

Reach POS brings out the best selling products, highest value customer, highest value sales executive and also shows the profitability and work progress graphically in the dashboard.

Reach POS consists the following features:

  • Dashboard
  • Point of sale
  • Discount
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Purchases and expenses
  • API
  • Lots and barcode

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