Top 5 Best Accounting Software for Chemical Manufacturers in India

Compare and choose the Best Accounting Software for Chemical Manufacturers in India

Manage your Manufacturing business easily with the best Accounting Software for Chemical Manufacturers. Manage your orders, Manufacturing, Purchases and Inventory with Reach accounting Software for Chemical Manufacturers

Basis of Comparison

Here we have shortlisted Top 5 Best accounting software for Chemical Manufacturers with reference to the provision of available main features relevant to a Chemical Manufacturer like

  1. Invoicing,
  2. Expense Management,
  3. Accounting,
  4. Inventory Management,
  5. Bulk Messaging,
  6. Batch Control
  7. Production Planning
  8. Job Costing
  9. Lead Management and
  10. Mobile App.

Our Senior ERP Consultant has analyzed both popular and unpopular  online Accounting Software provides to assist you in the selection of best Accounting software for Chemical Manufacturers.

Top Contenders

  1. Reach Accountant
  2. Tally
  3. QuickBooks
  4. Profit Books
  5. Marg


  • More Detailed comparison of  Reach with competition>> Click here
Basis Description Reach Tally QuickBooks Profit Books Marg
Price Initial Cost Rs. 3000/- Rs. 54000/- Rs. 9000/- Rs. 5999/- Rs. 10000/-
Features Product Management Available as plug-in Not Available Not Available Additional


Not Available
Invoicing Available Available Available Available Available
Expense Management Available Available Available Available Available
Accounting Available Available Available Available Available
Inventory Management Available Available Not Available Available Available
Bulk Messaging Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Lead Management Not Available , Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Mobile App Not Available Not Available Available Not Available Not Available
Access No. of users who can access at the same time unlimited Up to 8 with server Up to 7 per license Up to 10 per license Up to 8 with server
No. of locations you can access from Any computer Only on installed computer Any Computer Any computer Only on installed computer
Other Info Technology Cloud Desktop Cloud Cloud Desktop
Version Upgrades Free Paid Free Free Paid
Data backup and Hard disk protection Available Not Available Available Available Not Available

Key things to look for in best accounting software for Chemical Manufacturers

  1.   Manage Distributors and Sales Team

Your web forms can be automatically converted into leads with specified details of the particular customer. This helps you to identify and track the inquiry to provide better customer service. Request Quotes and Get the best prices on your purchases every time from All your suppliers in one shot. By using Reach Accounting Software it processes your purchase orders by which the user can request Quotes from multiple suppliers in one shot and issue PO to the best quote.

  1.   Manage Logistics

Managing logistics and supply chain is easy with Reach Accountant Software. Managing good relationship with the supplier is more important than managing a relationship with Client. Easily upgrade your product costing if raw material cost increases. Go through Compare and verify quotes from various suppliers at a time to process execution and approve the process at once with the Logistics management.

  1.   Just-in-time purchases

You can submit the purchase order approval to the concerned authority directly through our software. The concern authority will get notifications about the purchase order request. The user can accept or reject the awaiting purchase order as per the requirement. Purchase order summary or history can also be viewed using this plug-in. Provides the flexibility to control and track changes within purchase order processes, and it enables control of the approval process by using the standard workflow framework. Simply It will trace Everything happens in the purchase approval process which can be used for future reference. It provides flexible the way for managing and processing the details while making purchases

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  1.   Manage Customer Credits

You can now print loyalty cards for your customers and later scan it next time they visit the shop to reward them, see their purchase history and buying pattern simply with our daily report.Easily Manage Customer credits with our customer Relationship Management integrated with our ERP Software.

  1.   Control Inventory

Maintain top rated and highest quality in products by perfect process manufacturing Inventory Management feature. easily Track your products in inventory through integrated bar-code system. Real Time synchronization of inventory alerts when you are running out of stock. Raise your purchase order by alert in case if you are running Out of Stock and fill up the status simply from where you are

  1.   Automatic day-end reporting

There will be changes in your business place infrastructure, technology, and manpower as per your business growth but the process remains the same.  By way of our Mobile App, You can still change processes as well as for better and easy handling of sales support and report. Our Software is having options to send Automatic end of the day Report. You can easily analyze the best employee by our day report and reward them. This will create an Enthusiasm among the employees because the long run company has to think about the organizational vision rather than minor issues

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The success of either your startup business or Long Running Business purely depends on choosing the right software which will automate your entire business. Select the Software which provides both quality and quantity at the considerable price. Being an entrepreneur don”™t go brand just by looks. Look into software and decide whether it perfectly fits your business or not. Get software suggestions from Our ERP Consultant based on your business Size and Process. Compare and choose the best fit, go trail and analyze the customer service team. So that your business gets simplified using the best Accounting software for Chemical manufacturers.

Next Steps

  1. Take a demo of all the above software

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  1. Evaluate what suits you best
  2. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
  3. Buy the software

Watch How Reach Accounting Software for Manufacturing helps Mr.Desiken V.R (Partner Swarnam Metal Industries) to take their Business to next Level. Since Reach Accounting software for manufacturing was very specific to his business, it helped him so much that now he is able to concentrate more rather than Accounting. He can even take his business to the next level. Reach is taking care of all of his accounts problems and he is very much satisfied with reach.

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