Top 5 gst software in India

Best GST Software in India for 2020


  1. What is GST Accounting Software?
  2. What are the GST Accounting Software available in India? 
  • Reach Accountant: 
  • Tally
  • Quickbooks
  • Marg
  • Zoho Books
  • Clear Tax
  • Busy
  1. What are the features that should be available in good software for GST Management?
  2. Which GST Software is Best for Small Business?
  3. Which is the best GST Ready Accounting Software for Bookkeepers and Accountants?
  4. Which is the most widely used GST Software in India?
  5. Which is the Cheapest GST Software?
  6. Which Software is best for you?

If you are struggling to choose the best GST software for your business, Given below is a list of Top 5 GST Software in India that can help you with GST Compliances, Invoicing, and Auto-Calculation of GST. The list is in no specific order and makes a comparison showing the good with the bad for you to choose what is best for you.

What is GST Accounting Software?

A GST Software is a software that helps you do GST compatible Billing and Invoicing for your Business every day and helps you prepare and file GST Returns at the end of the month. Before we dive into the details, let us first understand the different types of GST Software available in the market to be able to make a right apple to apple comparison.

The following types of GST Software are available in the market:

  1. GST enabled Accounting Software (helps with Accounting and Filing)
  2. GST Filing Software (helps only with Invoicing, Reconciliation and Filing)

What are the GST Accounting Software Available in India?

  • Reach AccountantGST Software

  • One Top Reason to buy: Unlike other GST Accounting Software, Reach Accountant claims to run the entire business end-to-end.


    • Dashboard
    • CRM
    • Repair
    • Billing
    • Accounting
    • Purchases and expenses
    • API
    • Mobile app
    • Barcode integration
    • Email integration
    • Job costing
    • Multi-location
    • Multiple companies
    • POS invoicing
    • Manufacturing management
    • Project Management
    • Quotation and estimates
    • Warehouse management
    • Inventory management
    • Invoicing
    • Multi-currency
    • Multi-user login and role-based access
    • Outstanding
    • Product database
    • Supplier and purchase order management
    • Taxation management


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Intimates you of your suppliers GST Invoice uploads every day
  • Reconciles GST every day
  • Raises GST Invoices
  • Maps GSN Codes
  • Fully Cloud-based so saves expensive Investment in servers
  • Hard disk crashes don’t affect data
  • No Anti-virus software needed
  • Tailor-Made for every business with specific features
  • Has all the features of Tally and Marg together
  • High control over data
  • Ideal for multi-branch
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Customizable for Nominal Fee
  • Low price
  • Needs internet to operate


  • GST Filing Software: Rs. 150/- per filing (Free Software, Pay only to File)
  • GST Accounting Software: Rs. 6000/-  (Annual Renewal 20%)

For 15 days free trial of Reach accountant click on>> Demo

Website :

Tally ERP 9


Tally ERP 9 is well-known accounting software that manages inventory and payroll. It is one of the most economical software available. With the complexity of tax structure in India, you require a simple but helpful GST software and that is Tally ERP 9. This software has a very wide range of software

One Top Reason to buy: Most widely used Software in India


  • HR and payroll
  • Investment
  • Multiple companies
  • Financial management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice
  • Product database
  • Supplier and purchase order management
  • Taxation management
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Accountant Friendly
  • Does not need internet to operate


  • Needs LAN to operate multi-user
  • Needs + Static IP to operate multiple locations
  • Data is not realtime
  • Susceptible to Hard-disk crashes
  • Easy Data theft
  • Susceptible to Virus Attacks
  • Version upgrades are charged
  • No business-specific features
  • Prices increased recently



  • Single User – Rs. 21,780
  • Multi-user – Rs. 65,340
  • Annual Renewal of 25%
  • website:



It is simple but vast and high in-demand software. It is one of the Top 5 GST Software in India. It helps in quick access to all your data and meets all the requirements of any sort of business. MARG helps in saving time and tracks all your business functions for you to manage it better.

One Top Reason to buy: Can fit Retail Billings better than most other software


  • Complete inventory accounting management
  • Very easy fast excise invoice generation
  • Variable duty rate selection while making invoice
  • Complete detail of Bill at the time of items selection in Bill
  • Different excise duty considerations like BED, AED Cass.


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Does not need internet to operate
  • Business Specific features
  • Low Price


  • Needs LAN to operate multi-user
  • Needs investment in server to operate multi-location
  • Very Difficult to learn and operate
  • Data is not realtime
  • Susceptible to Hard-disk crashes
  • Easy Data theft
  • Susceptible to Virus Attacks
  • Version upgrades are charged



  • Single User 7,200
  • Multi-user 25,200
  • Annual Renewal – 40%


GST Software

It is easy to use the software. It helps in bookkeeping, preparing, and filing tax. It has a quick and easy interface.

One Top Reason to buy: Lowest priced Software


  • Payrolls
  • Mobile app
  • Mobile support
  • Cloud-based
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Fully Cloud-based
  • Hard disk crashes don’t affect data
  • No Anti-virus software needed
  • High control over data
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Low price


  • Needs internet to operate
  • Doesn’t allow more than 7 users/ account
  • Branch consolidation is not possible
  • Lacks key features
  • No Inventory management
  • Not business-specific
  • Not customizable



  1. Rs 5000 per year
  2. Annual renewal at 100%
  3. website:

Zoho books

GST Software

It is easy to use software with Accounting integrated for small businesses.

One Top Reason to buy: New kid on the block, but highly reputed company


  • Mobile app
  • Accounting
  • Cloud-based
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Fully Cloud-based
  • Hard disk crashes do not affect data
  • No Anti-virus software needed
  • High control over data
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Self customization to some extent
  • Low price


  • Needs internet to operate
  • Doesn’t allow more than 7 users/ account
  • Branch consolidation is not possible
  • Lacks key features
  • No Inventory management
  • Not business-specific



  • Rs. 2500/- per year
  • Annual Renewal 100%


 6. Clear Tax GST

GST Software

Simple and Easy GST Software. More focused on the Accounting Fraternity and can be a good fit for the Accountants who need a tool to prepare GST for their clients without Accounting. Works as a blanket app which can be used for filing after extracting data from any accounting software and ERP Systems.

One Top Reason to buy: If you just need GST Filing and not full-fledged accounting


  • Online GST Course
  • Assistance to find clients
  • GST Preparation
  • GST Filing
  • Data and imports/ exports
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Gets an Accountant Listed
  • Free e-learning solution


  • Not an Accounting Software.
  • No business features
  • Its only a disjointed tax preparation tool
  • No business-specific features
  • Can be used by accountants only



Rs. 5,000/-


7.BUSY Accounting Software

GST Software

Busy Accounting software is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small, and Medium businesses.

One Top Reason to buy: Reputation and Support.


  • Financial management
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-location
  • Sales/Purchases
  • Sales / Purchase Order Processing
  • Fully User-configurable Invoicing
  • User-configurable Documents
  • User-configurable columns in Reports
  • GST Reports
  • Payroll
  • MIS Reports & Analysis
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Amazing Accounting features
  • Multi-currency facility
  • Easy to use
  • Price friendly


  • Not User-Friendly
  • Single window software
  • No Useful Upgrades
  • Is not ideal for Multi-branch
  • Not Flexible:
  • No Central Support
  • Low Security
  • No Customisation
  • Bad Integration of Invoicing Modules
  • Risk of Data Loss and intrusion


The single user is Rs.21,240/-per year

What are the features that should be available in good software for GST Management?

The features required in GST software are 

  • GST Ready Invoices
  • GST Ready Reports
  • ITC Match/Mismatch Reports
  • Supports Cloud Technology
  • Auto Calculation of Taxes
  • HSN/SAC Code Lookup
  • Data Security
  • Cost-Effective
  • Third-Party Apps
  • Customer Support

Which GST Software is Best for Small Business?

It’s always good to have a list of the available options, but the most difficult part is choosing what is right for you. Choosing the right GST Software is a major challenge. While choosing the GST software it is very important to consider if it has all the key features that are required for the GST and also if it reduces the compliance time. 

Choose the software based on the size of your business

GST Software

Which is the best GST Ready Accounting Software for Bookkeepers and Accountants?

For Bookkeepers and Accountants, the GST Accounting software should be one that enables you to stay connected and compile all the data of different teams, a one with a high level of security and features that can automate all the activities and save time. There are several GST ready accounting software like

  • Quickbooks
  • Reach Accountant
  • Zoho
  • Tally
The Accountant’s favorite: Tally

Which is the most widely used GST Software in India?

Tally software is the most widely used GST software in India. It fulfills all your accounting needs. The main disadvantage of the Tally software is that it is desktop software and it is difficult to compile the data of different teams.

Which is the Cheapest GST Software?

More than having a cheap GST software it is required that an appropriate software with all the key features is actually required. Different software has different specializations, choosing the software that fits best for your requirement is the best decision.

The software that is a little light on the cost is

  • Zoho books which are available for 2500/- per year
  • Quickbooks is available for 5000/- per year with an annual renewal of 100%
  • GEN GST is available for 5000/-


Here is a Table of the others:

Product Name Tally Busy Marg Reach
Price for one computer Rs.54000 Rs.18000 Rs.9999 Rs.6000


Which Software is best for you?

Choosing the right software is a major challenge especially when there are a lot of options available in the market. The software chosen should be one that has all the key features required by the Accountants and also it should be able to meet the GST compliances. 

GST Software

The software should reduce the burden of the Accountants by automating all the activities of the business and is also within the budget. The GST software should seamlessly integrate with the accounting software or ERP and it should be user friendly.

In case you need help with choosing the right GST Software for your business, Chat with our consultants now!


I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.
  1. Amit Gupta 6 years ago

    I request to author that please add Gen GST software in the list. SAG Infotech is designing and developing the software and currently, it has made GST utility for GST registration and migration work. It is absolutely free.

    • master 6 years ago

      Thanks for pointing out Amit. Will add this to the post in a while

  2. Neetu 6 years ago

    Under development GEN GST SOFWTARE price is only 5000 not 7000.

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  3. Sandip Chhatui 5 years ago

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    • master 5 years ago

      Can you please share details of your product. Could not find needed information on your website.

  4. Best GST Software 5 years ago

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    • master 5 years ago

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      • Best GST Software 5 years ago

        Hi Admin,

        Can you please update the information for our GST software as per below?

        Product name: Taxbase GSTPro
        Pricing: Rs. 5000 (Base price is Rs. 10,000 but we are providing 50% flat discount for limited time)
        Free Software Download: Available

        Sinewave Computer Services Pvt Ltd.

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  5. Dinesh Gogoi 5 years ago

    I am doing Income Tax, E-tds etc. through KDK software in my laptop, so now can I use this one in the same laptop. At first I want to register in GST, can I do the same.

  6. Junaid 5 years ago

    Please add lso in the list, They have a free version for Shop Accounting, Billing and Inventory, The software will be GST Ready Soon.

  7. Vijay Bomra 5 years ago

    Dear Admin,
    Humble request to author that please add RMG Software in the list. We are designing and developing the GST softwares and in many more business fields.

  8. vamsi 5 years ago

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  13. satdas 5 years ago

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      Please add one more to the list, GST enabled Billing software with Inventory Management. Know more about the software

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    Key features have been updated in Zoho Books. Return filing is enabled as well.

  20. Dinesh Gupta 5 years ago

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  22. Atul Jain 5 years ago

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  23. siddharth 5 years ago

    please add Onebook to the list as well. You can find more information Its a GST ready ERP solution with Accounting , Inventory, Sales and Purchase management

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  25. Amit Aggarwal 5 years ago

    Hi, Thanks to author for this great information. But I am confused as which software should I use?
    I am a medium level enterpreneur and looking for (All in one) GST software which can manage my Inventory, Billing, Returns, P&L Account, BS etc..
    Should be easy to operate,
    Offline facility,

    Please advice

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  27. Pandurangan K 5 years ago

    How about VYAPAR app? Kindly post reviews.

  28. Anamika 5 years ago

    Request you to add WEB GST software in the list. Webtel has designed and developed this software. This software is completely for all GST Compliances. It is an Integrated ASP-GSP Solution.

  29. Ashish 5 years ago

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  30. Shafali 5 years ago

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    • chinna 5 years ago

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  32. Bharat Sharma 5 years ago

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  41. GST is transform the way we do our taxes. It is one of the biggest reforms since independence. Accounting is become even difficult. Now for managing and maintaining accounts we need experts. Why don’t you choose GST Accounting Software for managing and maintaining your Accounts? HIAccounts – GST Accounting Software is one of a best software available in market right now it is user friendly and Versatile at vary cheap cost.

  42. pagoriya 5 years ago

    Pagoriya software.. The easy way to understand GST

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    GSTR 3B Return in Pagoriya GST Software

  43. PABITRA HAZARIKA 5 years ago

    marg is the best

  44. Muhammed Junaid 5 years ago

    Here is a free well designed GST billing and Accounting Software in MIcrosoft Access — you can free download from

  45. Sudhindra 5 years ago

    Request author to check

    It is from Relyon Softech Ltd, the makers of Saral TDS.

  46. Prashant 5 years ago

    Please update the details for Taxbase GSTPro – Sinewave Computer’s GST software. The price is Rs. 5000/- It is live on the website

  47. I request admin to please update list and add cobizo which is . For small traders, its is very cost effective solution. On click of a button, It generate GSTR1 excel file for GST offline tool. Apart from GST ready billing, it manages your inventory with stock expiry management. It also manages whole accounting with payables and receivables

  48. Kapoor 5 years ago

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  50. sudha 5 years ago

    MasterGST – India’s Best GST Billing and Accounting Software

  51. Rajendra 5 years ago

    Nice post indeed. Great post with comparison of GST softwares in India. I am using for my furniture store. Anyone can take demo to find its features. It is very simple to use and making business automatic.

  52. vishal 5 years ago

    I found a GSTpad billing software which is very easy to use and implement.

  53. Arshad 5 years ago

    What about is very easy to use. Invoicing, Inventory management, party ledger & GST filing all possible. Currently using & am filing returns through this. Subscription is only for 1499/- per year. It is the cheapest & best solution that is working in the market

  54. Dinesh 5 years ago

    There is another ERP software which is cloud based and GST Ready. Its COBIZO ERP Software.

  55. maze 5 years ago

    Great work.Simpli GST is a Free Software of Accountants, Auditors, Consultants, and customers. Thanks for sharing.

  56. akshay 5 years ago

    GST AADHAR (Easiest & Simple way to file GST Returns)

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  58. Darmesh 5 years ago

    Easy GST Software to provide all kind of feature with cheap rate

  59. Sudhakar Maurya 5 years ago

    I want to know from the list that you have provided. In which software I can integrate the SMS Api myself. I don’t want to limit to anyone SMS service provider.

  60. Payroll software 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing GST software information. I would like to add one more in this list.
    OfficeKit HR is one of best, most comprehensive and user-friendly solutions with specific modules to take care of specific processes like leaves, payroll, appraisal, and so on. The features in our is easy accounting of employee salary, tax, leave, generating pay slips, reports, and more.

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  66. Lucky Mishra 4 years ago

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  67. Manish 4 years ago

    Good to see your list of Best GST software in India that helps business to file their GST on time. In my opinion author should add HostBooks GST software in the list. Because HostBooks GST eases your burden by simplifying the process of GST return filing, And helps to reducing the compliance time by at least 50% and hence cutting down the cost by half. Being a 100% cloud software, you can easily access your account anytime & anywhere.

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