5 best android friendly Accounting apps for small business

5 Best Android Friendly Accounting apps for Small Business:

5 best android friendly Accounting apps for small business

There are numerous accounting apps that many business owners are using but it is necessary to know which apps work better in what software. For example some apps are only for iOS, or Windows or Android.


5 best android friendly Accounting apps for small business:


  1. Shoeboxed

It is an easy and simple software that is very suitable for android users. It helps in keeping and tracking receipts. You can skip all manual data entry using Shoeboxed. Shoeboxed allows you to capture a picture and you can upload through the app. The information like vendor, date, total sum, mode of payment, etc are directly extracted allowing you to create a receipt. It makes accounting easier than manual accounting.


  1. Quickbooks

Quickbooks for android is an accounting app that allows you to track, store and manage it”™s finances. It can be used on a tablet, smartphone and other devices. It is one of the best apps for small business. Quickbooks is easy to operate and can be accessed from anywhere as it is cloud based.

It tracks your invoices and reports to you about how has crossed the due date or who”™s payment is due. It is also creates professional invoices. Quickbooks keeps your business accounting organized and helps in quick transactions.



Mint is an android friendly accounting app. It is like a personal finance app which provides useful features for small business owners. It helps you connect to the bank accounts and finances easily. Mint creates budget, tracks bills, reminds received bills and also offers tips to saving more money and reducing expenses.

It is a very secured app hence you don”™t have to worry about sharing all the finance and bank accounts information with Mint. You can guard all your accounts and details with your own 4 digit pin.


  1. Freshbooks

It is an app that records and track all your expenses and profits. It can also track the work meter of an employee as to how much an individual worked on a particular project. It can integrate with other software easily.

You can send invoices to your clients from anywhere. It is mainly built for small business owners who have a tight work schedule to take care of their accounting and save time. Freshbooks accepts any mode of payment thus it get easier to receive payment faster.


  1. Reach Accounting app

An user friendly accounting app that helps you manage your accounts, income, expenses, tax heading, bank operations, etc. Reach accounting app allows you to send bulk sms which helps in saving time. It has real time tracking available therefore you never miss out on any transactions and bills paid, etc allowing you to see everything in the exact time it occurred.

Its features include:

  • Cloud application
  • Push notification
  • Easy installation

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