List of eco friendly business ideas

List of Eco friendly business ideas:

List of eco friendly business ideas

Since the time of our school we have read about how to make our environment a better place and how we have harmed it with our activities. It should be a matter of concern for everyone of us but it is impossible to not harm it with the type of lifestyle we have adapted. But every little help that we can give must not be missed out to minimize the harm that is possible from our acts.

Planning to start a new business and worried about the harmful effects that it could bring?

Here are a list of eco friendly business ideas that will help you do your part when it comes to saving the environment.


  1. Organic catering

This is a good start for helping people and the environment. You can get backyard grown vegetables and spices for your catering business and fresh farm meat. Your business can have gluten free food and use paper plates and cups instead of plastic. Use disposable bags and you can even decompose the food and kitchen waste for manure.


  1. Organic and recycled fashion

You can use many recycled clothing materials. Handlooms are one of the best ways to bring eco friendly fashion in the market. People who want to spend on a good clothing that are not machine made and are looking for class and unique pieces prefers handmade clothing. It also saves all the expenses and power that is used in machine based industry.


  1. Bicycle repairing and refurbishing

Bicycle is one of the most eco friendly form of transport. It is always better use to bicycle when it comes to traveling short distances. Therefore you can open a repair shop in your garage, get all the inexpensive repair materials, get old bicycles, repair them and sell them off. It is affordable plus helpful.


  1. Organic toiletries

With people becoming more conscious about their skin and beauty products organic toiletries are preferred by most of the people. Handmade soap, natural scrub, shampoo out of natural ingredients and even natural scrubbing material that can be obtained from guard.


  1. Farmer”™s market

Home grown vegetables and fruits are one of the best ways to help and start an eco friendly business. You can sell it off to the farmer’s market or the organic stores. Organic stores are usually more expensive hence it is also a good way to make profit. Your gardening ideas can also contain organic farming style by recycling the plastic bottles for planting the green leafy vegetables or onions. You can also use recycled items for gardening purposes like using old plastic bottles or tin cans for watering your plants.


  1. Recycled furniture

The wood can always be recycled. A broken furniture need not end up in landfill. Take all the broken furniture in and give them a new shape. May be a wooden sofa can be changed into a beautiful book shelf and a dining table can be reconstructed into a cute coffee table or a show piece, the possibilities are endless if you have a creative mind. Buy them from the people who wants to throw away their old or broken furniture, turn them into a beautiful piece and sell them.


Now, how do you manage these eco friendly business?

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