Top 5 android app for business owner

Top 5 android app for business owner


This is the era of technology and mobile phones and apps. Everything we see in our phones are applications. The applications makes everything simpler for us, like food delivery, getting a cab etc everything is just in the palm of our hands. So all the business can be made simpler using mobile app. The business dealers can reach an easier level of dealing their business with the help of apps that can contribute in business or the apps that are mainly used by business owners.

Top 5 android app for business owner

Why use mobile apps?

Isn”™t it simpler for you when you carry your business and its accounts with something that you carry with you everyday like your cellphone. Mobile apps gives you access to your business and you can be in touch with your business anywhere you are. In case of emergency you can check out all your accounts from your cell phone itself or make your calculations easily and manage your business. It makes your work less hectic and saves time, your clients can be dealt easily even when you aren”™t there in person. Therefore it is a smart choice to have a mobile app for your business.


Top app

a.)  Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps with its advanced features which came before other apps could reach to this level. Its features that allows international calls using only internet, sharing pictures, location, music, videos and voice notes before other apps made it possible. The business owners can deal with their clients using whatsapp chat and easily sharing information so it helps you to deal with your clients from anywhere anytime.

b.) Google keep

Make list and notes using google keep. If you need to make any important notes you can simply note it down in google keep, in case it is a meeting that you have to attend at 10 in the morning you can set a reminder. Store your notes and carry them with you during your speech along with pictures if necessary and make your business simple and get it done easily anywhere without having to make space for a notebook.

c.) Feedly

From its name we know that its mainly about news feeds and as a business person it is important that you stay updated with the news you are interested in. For example you can stay updated with market and the business news so you have a knowledge on how to improve your business and live upto the market expectations.

d.) Reach ERP

Reach ERP is an accounting software that also comes as mobile app. It helps in keeping all your accounts in it and is accessible from anywhere. Your accounts are secured with bank level security and are given only limited accessibility. You can stay updated with your work anywhere you are by tracking your business, work progress, expenses, employees etc. Reach ERP is a complete package of an accounting software that customizes with your business and updates you everything in real time.

e.) Google drive

Google drive helps in saving files online, so you don”™t lose any of your files and documents of your business. Send out professional emails using google drive and save your work  easily in drive so you can send it out straight from your account.



There are various reasons why having a mobile app makes your business simpler like being able to handle a situation on spot and it makes you spontaneous.

The above apps are some of the best apps that you can use as a business owner. You can give your business a new platform to develop. A business can only develop if it remains updated and is in a continuous flow. That is exactly what these apps make sure for your business. 

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