How to avoid losing data from desktop software like Tally 9.0

How to avoid losing data from desktop software like Tally 9.0

  1. Preface

Tally 9.0 is an accounting software that helps in maintaining accounts and exercises payroll, billings, budgets and tax filing. It is one of the most used accounting software in the business like supermarkets, any kind of stores etc. But many other business uses Tally 9.0 as well for maintaining accounts. It allows multiple users that is 3 users can use it at a time.

How to avoid losing data from desktop software like Tally 9.0    How to avoid losing data from desktop software like Tally 9.0   How to avoid losing data from desktop software like Tally 9.0


  1. How to prevent data loss

There is a possibility that you could come across many mishaps like system crash and accidents etc. So there is a high risk of losing your accounts since there are no back ups in Tally 9.0. it stores all the accounts in the system itself so there is no guarantee that your accounts will be completely stored there for a long period.


Lets look into the few ways below, that can avoid data loss:

a.) Take daily backups

Taking daily backups helps in keeping your accounts for each day, so you don”™t risk your business to losing accounts. The backup can be taken daily in the end of the day.

b.) Create a duplicate Tally or server

Making a duplicate Tally and storing it in the duplicate account have also lessen the risk of losing accounts. Saving your accounts in duplicate server as well is also an option for keeping your accounts from going missing. The duplicates will have the same exact accounts entered along with the original.

c.) Move to cloud accounting software

The best solution to never having to be at risk of losing accounts is installing a cloud based accounting software. Cloud based accounting software stores all the accounts in the cloud so it is restorable anytime.

Reach Accounting software is one of the best accounting software that is cloud based. It allows you to store all your accounts in a systematic order and comes with extra features that Tally might not provide like tracking inventory ,expenditure, mobile app, lead management etc. It also gives bank level security to your accounts and limited accessibility.


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How to avoid losing data from desktop software like Tally 9.0

  1. Conclusion

The business owners can always benefit from accounting software but there are many features which would be more beneficial for a business. To fully utilize the benefits of an accounting software that has features that will help your business in every way you have to be selective while getting a software for your business. The best accounting software lets you manage your entire business all by itself without the help of other programs.

Reach accounting software proves to be one of the best accounting software with its features that lets you manage your company from all sides and gives your business a better image and makes it a simpler job. There is no need of duplicating or saving your accounts elsewhere for backup because it stores your entire account in the cloud so it is already a backup and it is accessible from anywhere you are and also gives a high level security. It has features that manages your company and helps it in prospering. For example; it manages your expenses, budget, projects, leads, inventory, and everything that an accounting software does and that includes  the entire department in your company therefore you can benefit from every piece of it.

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