5 reasons why Facebook should have its own bot store quickly

Ever since the introduction of chatbots, developers have gone crazy about it and have started developing bots across the world. Businesses have also looked at it as an opportunity and have invested in developing their own bots. So it”™s high time for Facebook to develop a searchable bot store like Google playstore.  Let us see why it”™s important for Facebook to come out with its own bot store.


Easily Discoverable: The very reason for any developer or a business to create a bot is to reach their prospects and end users. If Facebook does not have an option for its users to discover bots, the very reason of the bots existence is defeated. The reason why apps were very popular earlier was because it was all organized in a proper way for the user to discover it and download it. In bots there is no such thing as download which is a good thing. But at the same time there should be a way for the users to search the type of bots that they need.

Promotional problem: In spite of developing the bot the developer will have to put in lot of effort to promote the same. The Bot concept as such is pretty new for the user. So the developers are finding it difficult to first make their users to create awareness about their bot. Secondly, they will also have to promote their bot to the users. If Facebook comes with a search for Bots in their chat platform, it will be easier for the user to search bots based on c

User Reviews: Bot store with reviews will help the user to select the bot that has more positive reviews. Otherwise user will get more exposure to bots which has good promotion strategy. The real ones which might be useful to the user may not even reach the user. Another important aspect is if the bot starts to spam the user or if the bot is very bad then the user does not have a chance to express the same. Bad bots definitely affects Facebook”™s reputation. So user reviews are critical for bots to become successful to Facebook users.

Developer Remuneration: Apart from the bots developed by businesses there are also individual developers who are developing bots. They may mainly look at it as an earning opportunity. So it is important to have a platform where they get remuneration based on the number of sign up. This will encourage more developers to come out with more chat bots.

Competition: Even though Facebook has so many users, if it does not change according to the users convenience then there is a great chance that user will move to the other player.  This happened when ”œwhat”™s app” entered the market. People started to converse more in what”™s app than Facebook. So if Facebook considers its move on opening up bots to developers it has to do few changes in the current set up to stay ahead of competition.

Having said all these, we may not know Facebook might already been working on a bot store. If not its high time for it consider in their development. Watch this space for more Chatbots stuff

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