Best franchise management software is a software that allows you to manage your franchise partners and your entire company

The best franchise management software is a software that will help you in taking care of all the other companies that are under your company and you will have a detail accounts of all these companies. It is entirely cloud based and can be used by multiple users.



Being a franchiser one will have many franchise partners it could be in every corner and one might not be able to keep them under his or  her watch. Hence there are software that help in managing all from the top without having the franchiser to go through all the accounts of all the partners.


Current scenario

The franchiser use any software available to them for managing their franchises since it is very necessary to have an eye over then to have your company running. Franchisers are continually looking for innovative ideas to make their businesses more interesting and to find a spot where not every franchise is standing. To have your business run successfully the most important thing is to have a solid management system.


Managing franchise is a big task, there are numerous businesses under one name and being a Franchiser you need to have your hands on all of them to run your business. The management must take care of all this, but there might be communication problems, heavy work which makes managing all businesses a tiring job. And getting all the work done from your management to every part of the world or the country just becomes a terrible part of managing your business.


The franchises all over the world in order to make their business perform better they take help from a software that can help them manage their franchise and manage all the accounts. Your management will not have any miscommunication or any communication problem. And you being a franchiser you can have all the details on your software account and always have an upper hand . But all these are possible only with the best franchise management software. It is very important that, it can move along with your management and your business type and helps in solving all the issues a franchise can have. Therefore Reach Accountant software was introduced to many business management as it customizes along with the business and stores all the data in cloud and makes it easy for you to access and manage business from anywhere.

Multiple users can use Reach hence it becomes easy for you to stay in touch with your clients and the management team can use it as a whole. (click on solution to try the software for 15 days free trial)

Top reasons to buy

1.See project wise profitability

Reach ensures that your franchise around the world or the country is making profit. It will allow you to check your project”™s work progress on the dashboard. All your franchise and businesses can be viewed here separately and you can watch over and see which is making a progress and which is not. Making it simpler for you to check the profit each business is making.

  1. Billing based on completed task

When you make partnership, the company that wishes to collaborate or get a permission to be your franchise makes payments and their project could take awhile. But you can break it down into segments with Reach Accountant and name it task wise with which you can put up the start date and the end date and get your bills paid task wise. Reach also allows you to set reminders for your bills so you don”™t miss out on any bills.

  1. Managing expenses for every project

There are expenses in every business and a budget maintained so that everything works out as planned. Reach does it for you automatically watching over your expenses and the budget and expenditure done will match up in their columns automatically. Be it ads, a new store or a place under your franchise or any kind of project for your business. Your expenses with not go overboard with Reach accountant handling your project”™s expenses.

Features of the best franchise management software 

1. Project management

Doing a franchise business you will have many projects to take care of. It may be events, meetings, new idea that is to be brought out in the market etc. How to make it simpler by not worrying about too many things at a time. A software can do most of the work that you spend time on like; planning, calculating, etc. Reach Accountant makes it easy by taking care of your budget, timing, work progress, and updating you with everything in real time even when you are not being present at the workplace. Therefore Reach is considered as one of the best franchise management software.

  1. Invoicing

Your bills get converted into invoices automatically hence your clients and customers that come to your franchise can get the invoices once the bills are paid. You can also choose from 20 types of invoices and customize it with your company logo and tagline making your business have a more professional approach.

3.Expense management

Take any project or your entire business and let Reach Accountant software handle its expenses while you sleep without any anxiety. Reach will keep your budget under a strict supervision and you will be updated in real time every time an expenditure is done from your budget so you know where the money is going and if it is being used correctly. The budget and expenditure column will match up automatically so you stay alert about what is happening to your money.


In any business accounting is the most important task. And to maintain accounts of  a franchise business is very vast, you could have hundreds of outlets and you might feel like you are losing your power over them when there’s too much to be watched over. And who wants to do that amount of work. Reach handles all the accounts with a bank level security and stores it all in the cloud, thus you can access to it anywhere and you have no worries of losing your accounts. All that happens in your business goes into Reach and you will be updated about it in real time with no worries of missing out on anything important. Reach is a complete accounting software that will keep every tiny detail in it and prove to be one of the best franchise management software and allow you to do better business.

  1. Inventory management    

Keep your inventory under watch as well with Reach Accountant. Stay alert before you have any news of your inventory or go-down being out of stock. Reach has an option where you can enter the number of the items that you have in your go-down and the items used will match up with the items available. Thus you can be aware of when it is about to run out of stock and take actions before hand.

  1. Bulk messaging

Stay in touch with all your employees and the partners and clients through Reach Accountant”™s bulk messaging system. You can send out the updates and any information to them about any changes etc and hence will save your time and will be less expensive as well. You can also send bulk sms to your customers about offers etc from every franchise that you hold.

  1. Lead management   

Manage your leads from Reach as it allows you to sync all your email accounts and therefore you can easily get the queries and updates or any message from your leads by login in just one software. Which will help save time and you can also easily move your leads easily from google docs.

  1. Mobile app

Having informed that you can access to it from anywhere you should also be informed that Reach is a mobile friendly software. Reach has a mobile app that lets you keep an eye on your business from anywhere and you stay updated in real time. You can also track your employees and your franchises easily with this app. Every franchise and every employees can have an app and manage their department. But their access remains limited to their departments only so that they don”™t have to access other departments unnecessarily. Which makes Reach one of the best franchise management software.


Why Reach?

Franchiser needs to have account of all his or her franchises and be able to track all of them for his business to run better. Hence a software is necessary to take care of the problems faced due to our hands being too short to reach everywhere.

But not just any software but the best franchise management software. Because you need to choose only the best of the best for your business.

Reach is one of the best franchise management software in the market as it manages your entire business from beginning till the end. From accounts to projects, expenses, security for your accounts and accessible from anywhere. It also customizes with your business type.

Making it very user friendly and helpful for your business. Read more


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