Best Multi branch management software


Best Multi branch management software manages all your business chains in a systematic order and manages all your accounts.

The best multi branch management software lets you have control on all the business under your main branch and you can keep an easy account of all the branches under you. It is cloud based and hence helps you store all the information without any worries of losing your accounts.

Best Multi branch management software


Managing your accounts when you  have branches of your business for example you have 25 outlets and you have to keep an eye on all the outlets”™ business. It sounds very difficult with just your system doing the work. But with a help of a software system that is built for managing multi branched business it gets simpler. There are many software that claims to manage such kind of business but you must choose wisely and make sure that it is the best multi branch management software so it is beneficial for your business.

Current Scenario

Many multi branched business use a very good management to take care of the business and keep everything in account. But that does not mean the management is simple or it is easy to manage the accounts. Especially because businesses like chains of small restaurants, boutiques and pubs etc have started coming up a lot lately and they need a good management to handle all their outlets and shops. Tally and other similar software that manage accounts are used but there are choices like the software that are considered as the best multi branch management software. Which can help the business run faster and manage accounts in a simpler way with very high security.


Running more than one place is definitely difficult, you have to keep an account of all your branches and watch over all of them. Many problems may arise if you have too much to take care of. You might have 12 outlets, trying to have control on all of them will only lead you to making mess if you don”™t have a systematic order to manage them.


The problems mentioned and the ones that you will already be aware of if you own multi branch business has one solution and that is installing one of the best multi branch management software. A software will make it simpler for you like you have a remote to control to rule on all the branches with their accounts and expenses and all the management. Reach Accountant is one of the best software that will make everything easier for you and your company. It customizes with your type of business and meets all your requirements for managing your business branches. (click on ‘solution’ for 15 days free trial of Reach Accountant software)

Top reasons to buy                                                                                         Best Multi branch management software

1. See project wise profitability

With Reach accountant you can check on the profit on the dashboard the work progress meter of every branch that you have will be updated based on their performances. And you can easily know where you are gaining profit and where you need to improve, etc.

  1. Billing based on completed task

When you handle any project from any outlet or any branch you can have your bills paid according to the task completion. A project can be cut down to segments and and turned into tasks, so it’s easier to bill them. Reach also allows you to set alarms for the due dates and helps you in getting your payments by not missing out on any bills.

  1. Managing expenses for every project

You can either consider your branches as separate projects or the actual projects handed to your business. It could be any kind of project but what matters is managing their expenses. Keep it arranged and clean with Reach handling your expenses as it will manage it separately for each branch and each project. Your budget columns and the expenditures done will match up and you can easily track it and handle your expenses.

Features of the best multi branch management software                                                                

1. Project management

Consider your entire business as a project or any project that your company is handling. You can easily manage it with Reach Accountant taking care of your company. The expenses, planning, storing of accounts etc can be all done with the help of Reach. You can manage all the project separately by entering their details separately in different sheets, track them and check on their work progresses.

  1. Invoicing

Easily convert your bills into invoices and give your business a professional look. You can also choose from 20 different types of invoices and insert your logo and tagline in them.

  1. Expense management

You will never have to worry about going off track when you have Reach accountant managing your expenses. The budget and expenditure columns will match up with each other automatically keeping you alert about your expenditures. And you remain updated when your budget is being used as well so you know where your money is being put into. Which is very important for any kind of business and that makes Reach one of the best multi branch management software.

  1. Accounting

Accounting remains as the most important task of a business, as accounts are the records of everything and you need to have a history of everything in your business. And in this case there is more than one as the branches of your business which will send their accounts to the main branch and you will have to note it all down. It makes the work very time consuming and at times impossible. But Reach will update your accounts in real time and you will not have to wait for all the accounts to arrive back to the main branch, you can just access your accounts anytime and check and everything will be updated to you in real time as well. Reach along with the qualities of the best multi branch management software gives bank level security and limited access to the accounts.

  1. Inventory management

Your storehouses will never face the out of stock problems once Reach Accountant handles your inventory. You can enter the number of your items in a column which will follow up with the column of items used so that you can know how long it is before you will have to fill your storehouse  again hence you can fill it before hand.

  1. Bulk messaging

Send any updates or important information required to be send out using Reach Accountant software bulk sms system to all your branches so that you can save time and money. You can also send bulk sms to your clients and customers regarding any news, ads, offers etc.  

  1. Lead Management

Reach allows you to sync your emails accounts easily into it so that you can easily check your updates and queries from your leads without having to login other accounts which will help you save your time. You can also move your leads from google docs easily to Reach. Everything is made simpler once you install Reach in your business.

  1. Mobile app

The most interesting feature of this software is that you can download it as a mobile app so you can access into your accounts from your mobile itself. You could be in a crowded train, bus or on a vacation and you will still get your updates on your phone in real time. You need not wait for the email of details to arrive or carry a bulky laptop to access into Reach. It also allows you to track all your employees and your branches as well which is very necessary in case of multi branch business. Also every employee and department can have their own app with access to only their departments making it easy for them to stay updated with everything. Thus you can see why Reach Accountant is considered as one of the best multi branch management software. 

Why Reach ?                                                                                                                       Best Multi branch management software

A multi branch company needs a very strong management system because managing a multi branch business is a restless job and it needs continue supervision and everything wrapped around a finger otherwise it could take any wrong direction.

Reach makes sure the workload is cut down with its unique features of managing expenses, projects, real time updates, inventory management etc. You can rely on Reach Accountant software for taking care of all your branches and your accounts and business. Giving you better and faster results that help your business.

It is completely cloud based and your accounts are safely secured in Reach hence it is accessible from anywhere and limited access only for the safety of your accounts.

Reach makes business easier for you to handle and your company is under constant watch and every branch is managed separately in a very systematic order saving you from all the mess. Thus all these summarises to the question ”œwhy reach?” and why it is suggested as one of the best multi branch management software. Read more

Best Multi branch management software

Business progress with Reach Accountant software


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