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Purchase Management software to help you Save on Inventory Cost. Purchase just what is needed




  • Purchase Order Management
    • Reach Accountant software helps to raise informed purchase orders by auto magically showing the information which is relevant while raising PO. This helps you reduce unwanted purchases and keeps the stock investment and the stock turnaround perfectly optimised.
  • Procurement Management
    • Reach Purchase Management software helps you understand what needs to be replinished automatically. When stocks go below Reorder level or when Production plans are made, the software automatically estimates the shortage of raw materials, consumables and packing materials and raises a purchase indent.
  • Re-order Levels
    • Re-order levels can be set along with maximum and minimum order levels. The software helps to minimise the investment in unwanted stock and brings phenomenal savings to the business.
  • Bulk Purchase Indents
    • Reach Purchase Management Software allows you to raise bulk purchase indents using algorithms of last 12 month purchases. The software helps to make informed purchases.
  • Vendor Management
    • Reach helps you to record vendor bills and manage their payments. you can set reminders for upcoming payments and for cheque clearances.
  • Purchase Intelligence
    • Reach Accountant gives you intelligence to back your purchases on extending the previous 12 months informations into the future purchases
  • Accounting
    • Reach Accountant adds a powerful accounting module to purchase management to ensure the entire cycle of procurement is managed easily.


Who can use




    • Bronze (1 user, Rs. 1000/- per month )
    • Silver (3 users, Rs. 2000/- per month )
    • Gold ( unlimited users, Rs. 3000/- per month )


    Next Steps

    1. Take a demo of all the above software

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    2. Evaluate what suits you best
    3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
    4. Buy the software

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