Inventory Management Software for Small Business


Simple and Easy to use Inventory management software. You can work from any location without servers and other hardware. Fully on the Cloud




  • Easy Inventory Management Software
    • Reach Inventory management software helps you manage your Finished goods, raw materials, work in progress, packing materials, consumables and damaged stocks effeciently on the Cloud. Being an online software scores over a desktop software because inventory can be updated real time.
  • Multi-Warehouse Management
    • Reach  allows you to manage multiple warehouse locations with ease. Since the software is online. it does not need expensive servers and IT maintainance to manage multiple locations. All your stocks at different locations can be managed real time.
  • Batch Control
    • Reach allows you to control Inventory in batches. These batches can be created as unique identification numbers or the PO numbers can be assaigned to the respective batches.
  • Logistics Management
    • With Reach Accountant, managing logistics become phenomenally easy. Once Sales orders are raised by the sales executives, Reach software converts them into easily actionable delivery notes and keeps it ready for delivery.
  • Delivery Notes and GRN
    • Create delivery notes and Goods Received Notes quickly without having to enter all the product details again. The DC and GRN are prefilled from the data available in Sales orders and Purchase orders.
  • Stock Transfers
    • Stock Transfers between godows is a breeze with Reach Accountant. Stocks can be transfered and updated after being received and acknowledged by the receiving godown.
  • Stock Journals
    • Stock Journals can be used to manage manufacturing and conversion of stock items into new forms.


Who can use






    • Bronze (1 user, Rs. 1000/- per month )
    • Silver (3 users, Rs. 2000/- per month )
    • Gold ( unlimited users, Rs. 3000/- per month )


    Next Steps

    1. Take a demo of all the above software

    ( Click Here For a Demo of reach accountant, you can call 9566023463 or visit Reach Accountant and Chat with an Expert)

    2. Evaluate what suits you best
    3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
    4. Buy the software


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