Easy CRM software for Small Business

Easy CRM for Small Business. Ideal for wholesale, distribution and Direct Sales

Have multiple domains with many customers and need to track them all in order start to implement easy CRM  for Small Business ”“ Reach CRM software– the leading online easy CRM software for your any type of business in Malaysia with auto GST calculations.

Basically in any type of business; getting more income or revenue is the main resource and goal. It is achieved only by sales. To increase your revenue you need to sell your products and to buy it you need customers. Gaining customers can be easy in a business but maintaining, tracking and making them happy is the success of every business.

For instance in a sales business both Customers and revenue is very important so you need to balance both. The profit/revenue of every business completely depends on the no of valuable customers you have. Imagine you have 20 sales people at your business and each of them looks for sales in different locations every day. As a Sales head or a business owner you need track them individually every day  & satisfy all the customers and make them happy for better performance.

Hence to help analyze and maintain the Customer Relationship, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is now available in the market. easy CRM software is a business management tool that serves best for especially ”œSales”; it automates & synchronizes all the information from different department to one place and ensures streamlines your every single process.

Among them one of the best leading online and easy CRM for Small Business ”“ Reach CRM software for your any type of business in India and Malaysia with auto GST calculations simplifies your job. Reach easy CRM software exactly fits for your any type of business including

  • Sales & Service business
  • Service business
  • Trade & Distribution business
  • Retail business
  • Jewellery business
  • Assembly manufacturing business
  • Process manufacturing business
  • Job Works

Generally to increase your sales you need to have a strong Sales team. No matter what great product you have you need the best sales team to make customers. Recent studies show that companies with a fully utilized CRM system can increase sales by 29%. Hence get your business started with the Reach easy CRM for Small Business which is packed with advanced features, easy access, skilled customer support and auto GST calculations provides you every business solution for your any type of business.

Reach easy CRM software helps you to track, maintain your sales team with the customer details including notes of follow up date, set reminder, perform the necessary action, who it is assigned to, what is the probability closure value of lead, send invoice, quotation, proforma invoice in just one click.

Reach easy CRM for Small Business is now also available through mobile app where you can access your business from anywhere and at any time. Reach CRM software covers your entire organization in all the process including Contacts, Lead Management, Quotes, Sales Orders, Mobile App, Sales team Collaboration, E-mail integration, Territory Management, Bulk SMS and e-mail, Cloud Call integration, GST Reports & Dashboard. Sales, Email synchronization, Income, Expense, Accounting and overall reports. Success comes from understanding the details of your business.  Get started today.


In order to gain happy & valuable customers by tracking them up to date by various methods of communication including calling, messaging, mailing, sending quotes, setting remainders for the appointments, assigning executives for the leads; start to implement the best online easy CRM software in India & Malaysia for your any type of business by visiting us today.

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