2 Remarkable ERP Features to Improve your Productivity

2 Remarkable ERP Features to Improve your Productivity

No matter which size and type of business you do; the ultimate dream or goal for every business is to obtain high profit. But without ERP software with good erp features it cannot be done. Reach ERP software– the leading best online ERP software with multi features suits best for your business to improve productivity.


Most company/organization use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to integrate and automate all the business process, there are many ERP products available in the market one may suit for your business in the initial stage but as your business grow; you need advanced software which does more than accounting & billing. Finding the best  ERP software in thousands of products is not easy, hence with this article you will agree that Reach ERP software suits well for your any type of business to improve the productivity. Reach ERP software have equipped team and partners in all major cities of India like Chennai, Coimbatore,  Bangalore and also in Malaysia  to help customers move forward as and when it is implemented.

Reach ERP software– one of the leading best online ERP software in India specifically for SMEs addresses and meets every need of the user and in turn help you to build and improve your productivity by saving the time & money and helps the user/business owner to concentrate on more other process including sales, marketing, leads, billing, accounting, inventory, payroll, etc.

Here are the three 2 most specified and interesting erp features in Reach ERP software, let”™s have a look at each of them:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Accounting & Inventory

ERP Features #1: Reach ERP software builds your CRM:

The main resource of every company/organization is ”œCUSTOMERS”.  Hence it is more important to maintain that customer relationship for every business to grow. Without customers there is no profit in any type of business. Understanding this importance of every business Reach ERP software-the best ERP business tool ensures every user to maintain and manage any number of customers with contact details, customer database, customer engagement and customer interactions. Only with Reach ERP software the customer interaction can be driven by various methods of communication including calling, messaging, mailing, sending quotes, setting remainders for the appointments, assigning executives for the leads and a lot more to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

In Reach ERP software with all these capabilities you will be updated and alive by continuous interactions with the customers that are priceless to make your organization the first one that comes to mind when a customer is considering a similar purchase in the future.

ERP Features #2: Reach ERP software takes care of Accounting & Inventory:

By definition, ”œAccounting is a process of identifying, recording, summarizing, reporting economic information to decision makers in the form of financial statements”. Without equipped ERP software like Reach ERP software you can make it done.

Reach ERP software– the best ERP software in India is a complete business tool with integrated set or application designed in Robust Technology to manage all the business process including Accounting & Inventory, Customer Relationship, Finance, leads, sales, Income & expenses and even more. Reach ERP software completely takes care of every accounting and Inventory process that has happened in a company and also provides the overall clear and accurate reports which every business owner or the accountant needs.

By definition Inventory means a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, etc. in a company. Without maintaining proper Inventory a company/organization cannot move forward in any of the area such as sales, purchase, shipping details of products, etc. Having this importance in mind Reach ERP software has dumped and packed with every essential feature like you will be able to note down your pending, delivery status, received goods data, stock transfer data, stock Journal data and the overall complete Inventory reports.


Got confused on which ERP software to implement to improve your productivity of any type of business including Sales & Service, Trading & Distribution, Jewellery, Manufacturing business etc. then you are on the right place. Reach ERP software-the best online ERP software helps you to improve your productivity, for more details visit us here today. There are about 9 modules of Reach ERP software to check which software module to suit your business try our software here. For further queries feel free to call us @ 044-49272736.

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