Golden rule of Entrepreneureship – “Do as you wish to be done by”

Most of you would have heard about ” Hotel Saravana Bhavan” a famous restaurant serving South Indian Delicacies all over the world.  The restaurant had very humble begginings and is owned by a hardworking gentleman from a village next to my native. In his early days, he had one secret for success. Every day, before he opened the door of his restaurant, he used to taste every menu himself, personally. He ate his own dog food and ensured that he liked what he ate before he sold them. Though primitive, It brings us one important law for success.

“Do as you wish to be done by”

This “Golden Rule” more or less sums up the teachings of all religions and prophets. All the phenomena of nature (including entrepreneurship) are governed by this  important law. This law is a one-verse sum up of millions of books and teachings on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Customer Service, Value addition…. and everything else.

By doing honest business as you wish to be done to you or By offering awesome customer support as you wish to be done to you or By giving your employees their fair share as you wish to be done to you , you are actually helping yourself.  Because any action is bound to react upon you. More or less with equal force and effect. This is the emphatic declaration of the Bible, Mahabharatha, Udanya-Varga, and Upanishads. This virtuous action will bring abundent success to your business.

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