What is the Format of GST Invoice?

What is the Format of a GST Invoice?

There are two types of GST Invoice you can raise

  1. Tax Invoice

  2. Bill of Supply

Rules for the Tax Invoice

  • For Goods, The Tax Invoice should be issued at the time of removal of goods or delivery which ever is earlier
  • For Services, The Tax Invoice should be issued within 30 days of supply of service
  • Three copies of the Tax Invoice should be printed
    • One for recipient
    • Duplicate for Transporter
    • Triplicate for Supplier
  • The following details should be displayed in the Tax Invoice
    • The Tax Invoice should have unique serial numbers (number or Alpha numeric)
    • The State Name and State Code Should be mentioned
    • GST Identification Number should be displayed
    • HSN Code for the product/ service needs to be mentioned
    • Taxable value after deducting discount should be displayed
    • The State GST, Central GST and Integrated GST should be shown seperately
    • If the supply is meant for export, the following details should also be mentioned
      • Supply meant for Export on payment of IGST/ on bond without payment of IGST
      • Number and Date of ARE-1 (application for removal for export)

GST Invoice Format

What is the time limit for issuing Invoices?

  • If you are offering services, GST Invoice must be raised within 30 days of offering services
  • If you are selling goods, Invoice must be raise at the time of removal of goods from your premisis


How many copies of the Invoices will be required?

  • If you are offering services TWO copies of the Invoice are required. One for recipient and one for supplier
  • If you are selling goods. THREE copies of the Invoice are required. One for recipient, One for supplier and One for the transporter



How to revise an Invoice issued and accounted for?

An Invoice can be revised by issuing a subsequent Debit or Credit note.

  • Debit Note has to be issued in cases where the taxable value of the Invoice has to be increased
  • Credit Note has to be issued in cases where the taxable value of the Invoice has to be decreased


How to raise GST Compliant Invoices?

  • To issue professional GST Invoices and make compliances easier, You will have to adopt superior Next-Gen Technology.
  • If you have been using plain Accounting Software now; it”™s time to upgrade.
  • Move to Reach Accountant. The preferred Online Accounting Software which helps you raise professional GST Invoices and calculates GST automatically.
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Do Invoices need to be signed?

1. The first purpose of raising an Invoice is as an Evidence and to create a right on good/service. The Sale of goods act and the Indian Evidence Act asks for a signed invoice.

2. The next purpose of raising an invoice is for taxes. The Maharashtra VAT also asks for a signature of any responsible person ( See >> http://mahavat.gov.in/Mahavat/MyFold/RTI/FAQ/Tax%20Invoices%20for%20VAT%20VAT%20leaflet%20105.pdf )

Here is a short-cut:

You can choose to mention in your first agreement with the client that

  • Invoices will be sent from a particular email id,
  • will be computer generated and
  • will bear no signature and
  • will still be binding.

If done so, you can do away with signing every time and send pdf invoices backed by this agreement.

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