How to build next generation sales team

How to build next generation sales team

There are various challenges the chief sales officers face daily as the times have changed and the ways of marketing and selling the products have taken a new turn. The games and the rules have changed with the time and hence the business needs to be introduced with the new set of rules and ideas to stay in the competition and the own the place in the niche.

Studying the customer”™s wants and mindset of the current generation can help you generate the need and create the want for your product. Your idea of ”˜create the want and get more sales”™ must focus on the root cause that can create the demand and how to make it about more of solving problems than to make it look like you are at the door to sell it. After the idea is planted in the client”™s head it must generate want so they come to your business seeking for the solution.

Your company”™s sales team is responsible for generating the want and the process that it takes to get more buyers hence a stronger and a brilliant sales team can always get the buyers to agree that they need the particular product that is being sold.

Here are few tips that will tell you how to build next generation sales team:

  1. Who will want your product?

Find out who will be willing to buy your product and who are capable of buying it. You cannot just walk up to anyone and ask them to buy a washing machine or a television you will have to know who would want these products and the range of price the kind of people will be able to afford. So when your product is placed in front of the people you can gain buyers and not just people looking at it which is just a waste of time for both the parties.

Make sure your sales team know whom to sale the products so when the product is introduced it seems useful to the audiences hence you can achieve more buyers. Always target the right person and make them understand why it will be helpful and why it is the right solution to their problem.

  1. Cost

Keep it firm to the buyer that they will have to pay the amount that is being mentioned. You cannot negotiate on the basis of their preference as mentioned earlier you have to target the right audience who will want the product and who will be able to afford it. Hence this way you can be firm on the price decided by your company. The production of the product could have been expensive and hence your product deserves the price that is printed. But how to convince the buyers as everyone targets on saving few bucks.

Put the light on the problem that your product is solving and that the cost is helping them buy a solution for the problem that they are facing. You will have to focus on the problem and make them realize that if they invest in your product they will see the return.

  1. Dividing customers

This helps you know what are the type of customers you have and how to approach each differently.

Keep track of how many customers fall in the top category who are willing to pay more and their choice of product and then the second and third and so on. This will help the sales team to approach each group differently with different techniques as the target audience decides the type of technique that will have to be used with them to generate wants and what product is in demand in that particular group.

  1. What is missing?

When you advertise a  product or try to generate want within the customer”™s mind get them to understand why they aren”™t already using it and why they should be using it. As it clarifies the problem for them which creates a need for your product.

The problem could have been already there but they haven”™t noticed or ignored it. Therefore you have to make them realize what the problem is and why they are missing out on it and why they should be purchasing or closing the deal.

  1. Finding ways to enablement more sales

The sales team can exchange in many salesman programs which will help them function better. Put your sales team on research how to get more buyers and how to approach the buyers. So they can find more effective ways to generate want and more convincing ways to get the clients to agree.

  1. Thorough on the product

This is one of the most common part of being a salesperson, they are obviously clear about the product. But it is also the most important part of training. Make sure the people in your sales team are clear about the product before they actually starts dealing with the clients. There could be small details missed out like idea about other similar products so when the client tries to compare it with your competitors make sure that your sales team is aware of the strengths of your business and is thorough on all the subjects related. So when there are questions thrown from all the sides and doubts regarding other similar products your sales team knows how to deal and bring your product out of the crowd and make it stand out from the rest.

  1. Technology

Usually the sales team”™s process can be time consuming. As the client will decide on the time for the appointment and then the sales team has to receive the details and visit the place and conduct the meeting and much more in between that consumes too much time and the work progress remains low. Therefore you can use a software that helps in managing your sales team and saves time. Your sales team can update the status of the call in the software which will also have all the details with the timing of the appointment, contact number, email address and the location using the software”™s mobile app. It will also raise quotes, sales order and automatic invoice making everything easy and saving time.

How to build next generation sales team

Reach Accountant is an online ERP software that allows you to see the key statistics of your business anytime and anywhere you like.

In Reach ERP”™s dashboard you can track the work progress, profitability and the expenses. It is basically an intelligent software that along with presuming the profit based on the data collected and provided and also shows the best sales executive, highest selling product and the highest value customer.

Reach helps in managing your sales team effortlessly. Import leads easily from google docs, justdial, Indiamart etc and get all the updates through email in your Reach account as it syncs your email contacts in it. All these will be automatically updated in your sales team department software and in their Reach mobile apps through sms as Reach can be used by multiple users and is also mobile friendly. The sales executive can then update the status of the call using the mobile app and also raise quotes, sales orders and invoices etc with the help of mobile app.

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