5 Apps To Help You improve your business productivity

5 Apps To Help You improve your business productivity

Our life has been made easier with the technology since ages. And in this era the applications have taken over all the work that we do. From simplest to the most complicated work can be done using an app. Be it as simple as ordering food, getting groceries, booking a cab, contacting people in various ways, reading a book etc. It goes on and on and the list wouldn”™t be over even if you take an entire day to write them down.

Almost all of our daily needs are been addressed by an app hence the business management has also turned their work way easier with the help of applications. Let us look at such 5 apps that helps you improve your business productivity:

  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist as its name clearly implies, helps you create list of anything you want to and as many lists you want to. It stores the list in the cloud and hence is accessible from anywhere. It also allows the sharing of the list with multiple users.

You could be going for a meeting to another company so you can make the list of things you need to remember in your laptop in Wunderlist and then later access it from your phone.

  1. Producteev

It is a free task management app. You can make use of Producteev to assign tasks to several individuals, implement privacy and also sub tasks for every task.

It is designed to meet all the needs of the growing business demands. It also helps you customize your tasks with your logo and your theme.


Make conference calls easy using Speek. Cut out all the hustle bustle that you have to go through to make a conference call. Speek lets you pick a personal link and then send it to the other callers, and when it is time to make the call all you will have to do is, click on the link and get on with it. There are no third parties involved only direct conference calls and get to work straight away no long waiting for the line with hold music and no crack in the voices.

  1. Shoeboxed

All the expense tracking is a hectic work be it in business or just tracking your personal expenses and keeping everything in mind. Unless your mind is built with complete patience and something extraordinary it is impossible to tolerate this work.

Shoeboxed understands your problem with tracking the expenses and all the budget that you have to maintain. It makes this headache a simple process by scanning your receipts into your phone and then combines and collects along with organizing all the receipts. And you can send the organized and collected information straight from the app. You can also collect the information from business cards by scanning the image and save it in the personal information with the contacts. How much more simple can collecting information of all that you need in a business be! Shoeboxed does it all without you having to stress even for a minute.

  1. Reach

Reach is a software that comes with these software products : CRM, ERP, POS and accounting. You can choose according to your need and choose the software that you want. It is a cloud based software and it customize with your business. Reach is accessible from anywhere and is very user friendly.

Its accounting software manages all the accounts of every department. CRM manages the customer relationship, POS helps in faster billing and ERP is a complete package that manages every department and the entire business it is an intelligent software that can calculate your profits and plan for your business”™s profit for the future and predict all the outcomes and suggest you better options.

Reach software is a software that is made entirely for business purpose therefore every software of Reach connects with every department and keeps an account of everything necessary and updates you with the details in real time anywhere you are.


5 Apps To Help You improve your business productivityReach Accountant software reaches out every part of the business as we can see unlike any other business software. Reach covers all the functions necessary for business purpose and business growth. It does not perform just one task and manage just one single route. It has several connected routes and takes care of your entire business. ERP is the most vast software of Reach. Its features are:


  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Expense management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Bulk messaging
  • Lead management
  • Mobile app

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