Why should you use Reach accounting rather than accounting software Tally?

Why should you use Reach accounting rather than accounting software Tally?

Tally is a widely used software that can be used for accounting, taxing, pay rolls. It is also one of the most used software though you will require to know why you should use Reach accounting rather than accounting software Tallyas it has its drawbacks that every Tally user should be aware of. Reach is another accounting software that takes care of the drawbacks that you will come across Tally and provide you with a lot more number of features and benefits.

Here is a list of disadvantages that Tally comes with:

  1. Not a user-friendly software

Tally does not provide you with the freedom of using it according to your business process. It is a simple sofwtare yet with a complicated functioning method. It fails in guiding its users in a proper manner so the training period takes longer.


  1. No major upgrades

There has been no major upgrades that can be considered useful. The improvement of the software since its first version has been bare minimum that every other software has been upgrading in their product. The difference between the old and the latest versions are hardly visible. There is also a major drawback in case you have bought the old version then there is no way to upgrade it to the new but instead you will have to purchase a whole new software.


  1. No flexibility

When your software is not flexible it gets difficult to work with it as you will have to take hard turns and bents to a discomfort label and adjust with it. It might not be noticeable unless you start using a software that is actually flexible and understands your business process. Tally fails to bend along with the business process and remains adamant at its state. There is no default setting button and the configuration can be set only once, so in case you want to change any you will have to restart it. The journal voucher once created it is impossible to make any changes, so basically it does not let you make any changes once the setting has been made without allowing any room for mistakes or errors that can be corrected later.


  1. Single window

Tally does not allow you to open multiple windows at once. This makes difficult for you to work when you require several windows so you can work with faster rate. This makes it time consuming for you when you have to access several windows. You can only view one ledger and that makes it a tough sofwtare to work with.


  1. Lack of support

Once the software is bought the work of the vendor is not over. The customers need a support in case there are any technical issues or any other issues with the business. Tally does not provide such support to the users which will lead to stranded in case of any difficulty you come across.


  1. Low security

The strength of security is a really important matter as you store all your data in the software. Therefore, the data stored in the software must be at guard at all times. Tally cannot provide such security to your data and that is one of the biggest drawbacks that you will face. As you will have to find an alternate place to keep your business data so you have an easy backup plus extra security. This is an unnecessary work load and expense which you can avoid using other accounting software.


Reach accounting software

Reach accounting software is one of the friendliest software that you can easily customize with your needs and it helps in faster work process. It allows easy access and a clean interface to work. Reach allows multi users and upgrades automatically. It has all the latest features that a business management needs.


  • Order management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Warehouse
  • POS
  • Lots and barcode management
  • Project
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Multi branch
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Access
  • Multi company
  • Auditor view
  • Mobile app
  • Business automation
  • Operations and process
  • Loyalty management
  • Addons
  • Tally import


Reach improves your work process and increases profit. It knows exactly what kind of business it is managing and works accordingly. It is accessible from any location and any device. The safety of Reach is completely reliable as it provides bank levels security with 256 bit encryption. It also comes with restriction menu for accessibility so you can make certain areas inaccessible by employees for more security and privacy.

It allows real time updates so you can have all the information updated to you at the time it happens this allows you to work faster and all your employees and you stay on the same page helping you to change things in case of emergency before it is too late.

With Reach you can easily manage your companies no matter how many in number. It allows you to create separate accounts for each business and branch so your managers can manage it individually. This way you will not require to visit your business often this also helps you in saving more. It is a cost effective software so you can enjoy maximum profit. It helps you take better decisions with your business so you can proceed in a smarter way.

Reach is not just an accounting software it is much more as it can integrate easily and manage other departments like inventory, employee management, etc with pay rolls, inventory level updates. This helps you to utilize it to its extreme so you get the entire worth for what you have paid.

The support in the back is always ready to help the clients and customers in case of any issues it emergencies so you can rely on reach entirely even after you have purchased the software. Reach customer support is always available to help and fixes the problems within a short period of time.

Reach costs differs based on the number of users that you are looking for. There are 1 user software, 5 users and unlimited users. It is worth the price you pay as it is one of the smartest and most customizable software that you will find. No charges for customization are to be paid unless it is some unique feature you are looking for that only your business requires.


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