How to write a Business Blog Post?



A blog is our company’s face to the customer and Investors. A well written blog will indicate that you are serious about what you do. Here are a few tips about how to go about writing them”¦


You will have to write:
  • individual articles comparing your product or service  with every other alternatives.
  • individual analysis comparing your product or service with every competitor ( Make sure you be honest in this analysis and give the good and the bad in plain black and white.)
  • Case studies/ white papers on how your business solves a problem
  • Articles which your customers will like to read. ( How to sell, How to set-up website, How to market, etc )
  • User Manuals.
  • Best ways to use your product or service
  • Video Testimonials from your customers.
  • Interesting events which happened in your office which reflect your work culture.

You will have to write and share on email and social networks.
  • about new features and capabilities.
  • Articles which affect your business customers
  • Useful Checklists for your customers
  • Your awards and recognitions
  • Events which you plan to participate in.
This is just a indication of the flow I used to write on. This is no thumb rule. You are free to follow your flow.
  1. Keep the post’s simple and short.
  2. Write briefly in points and paras
  3. Keep your reader in mind; SEO comes later.
  4. These are the things you should consider for every blog:
    1. A Synopsis
    2. A Illustrative picture
    3. A Comparative Table
    4. A Case study of people who did it
    5. And finally a Call to action
  5. Add elaborate details in a google doc(view only) and share it as a link
I would be happy to listen to your views, suggestions and knowledge of writing blogs. Please write to me at
I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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