Reasons why you might not be a good leader

Reasons why you might not be a good leader

Everyone trying their luck in entrepreneurship might not posses the set of skills that one requires. Having a business does not mean that you are doing all the right things an entrepreneur is doing. Running a business means you are in control of everything and you are on the throne but are you doing what a true leader  is ought to do in order to rise and expand his business or to keep his business standing?

Here are reasons why you might not be a good leader and some changes here and there will hurt no one but help you becomes a more successful entrepreneur.


  1. Too nice

You have to know what to do and when to draw a line. You cannot be too friendly and agree to everything and let people take advantage of you. If you are going to be the friendliest person in your office it is for sure that you will get your employees and people to like you but then it also opens up a  comfort zone for people to take advantage of you and your leader quality will sink. How would you expect people to feel your superiority and do business with you with respect if you do not have certain boundaries, this does not mean you become a dictator but there are sensible limitations for everything which must be learnt by oneself.


  1. Your attitude

Like mentioned before there is a sensible limits to everything. Your attitude towards your job and your employees will reflect on your business and life hence you need the right attitude to be a leader. Have a positive attitude daily no matter what you do and never approach your employees with a bossy vibe that will keep your employees from working for you sincerely but just for the sake of pay which will ultimately show in your business.


  1. Putting out hatred

Whether you put it inside your heart secretly or out at work it is going to harm only your business and no one else. A great leader values the people that work under him as they are the value of his work place. How can you work with the people you are not fond of, it is no way possible to fake it in front of them everyday hence you will have to like and respect your employees and maintain a good business and professional relationships with everyone in order to run a smooth business.


  1. Always stealing the limelight

Learn to appreciate others and give them the space to grow as well. Employees come to learn things in a business and when they do something good they would like to get appreciated for what they have contributed for your business but if you take credits for their hard work you might reach a situation that is beyond repair.


  1. Having no compassion and empathy

Having no emotional intelligence will drive away your employees and other people who work with you. Your company is of course an important matter but everyone has personal matters and personal life as well and if you neglect all that and have them bound by your rules not understanding their problems it can cost you.


  1. You don”™t know yourself

Always learn who you are so you can change certain things that are for the better. You can actually be better in doing business with others and can run your business better when you know yourself better. Every great personality had to go through changes it is never easy to accept your faults but change has never been easy hence find out who you are and learn if you are doing the right thing or not.


  1. People find it hard to trust you

If your employees and your partners or clients find hard to trust you, then not everyone is wrong. You need to question yourself why this is happening and how you triggered this. Self reflection is what you are to do when this happens and prove them that they can depend on you the next time you decide to do anything.


  1. You are too secretive about everything

When you are too secretive about everything it will result in suspicions and you don”™t want a drama creating around your working environment. This does not mean you put out your entire life in front of the people for them to dissect your personal life and judge you. You can allow them to know about your personal life in a professional level which will help your employees create a bond with you that is necessary for a harmony at the workplace.

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