Most of the organizations in India, regardless of how small or big they are have Tally Accounting Software to work with. However, still the accounts team need to file returns manually which is quite a tedious task, considering the size of the organization and its turnover for the fiscal year. This can be made easier as GST can easily be integrated with the Tally ERP 9 software. Now, small and medium businesses can easily automate their functioning with the integration of Tally & GST. Under GST, the businesses would require to file at least 5 returns a month which could be a monotonous task to be done manually. GST’s compliance with Tally ERP will help businesses automate this process which will save a lot of time and cost. Many industry experts also see this compliance between GST & Tally as a win-win situation for both businesses and individuals as henceforth all transactions including the return files will be executed under GST complaint Tally software. Further, to make the understanding of GST and its nuances simple, Tally has also launched a GST mobile app. This app will be a rich source of information on GST and will help businesses adopt this tax structure more efficiently.


  • ERP 9
  • Tally Shoper 9
  • Tally Server 9
  • Tally Developer




Tally.ERP 9 Silver (Single User) INR 21,240.00
 Tally.ERP 9 Gold (Multi User) INR 63,720.00



  1. Tally sometimes requires double entry for certain functioning
  2. Users find the GUI interface not very attractive
  3. Time consuming
  4. Inefficient customer support
  5. Tally is only product not an entire package for erp solution
  6. Main Disadvantage is we cant see two ledgers at a time



Softwares provide us the easiest way to perform work related tasks in an easy way. Earlier, the businesses have to spend different time consuming resources to manage the accounts but now accounting softwares made the job easier to keep large amount of accounts data. Tally accounting software is beneficial for the professional accountants but it has some disadvantages.


  1. Not user friendly at all, one has know  accounting knowledge in order to use Tally accounting software in Pakistan.
  2. There is no major graphical  improvement in old version of Tally. The Indian head office of Tally is continuously launching new version from Tally 4.5 to Tally 9 ERP but the GUI interface is still like old DOS based accounting software.
  3. Journal Voucher can not be amended once created.
  4. Batch wise invoicing not possible in Tally accounting software.
  5. Re-order level of inventory stock can not be maintained in Tally erp  software.
  6. Last price inquiries is a complex task in Tally ERP  software.
  7. Pricing issues like supplying different customer at multiple price list is quite difficult in Tally accounting software.
  8. Costwise Tally is quite expensive as compare to other alternative accounting software in Pakistan.
  9. We can not open two accounting ledgers for viewing at the same time in Tally erp software.
  10. It’s a Package software not an ERP i.e we have to accept what they are offering and customization is very limited.
  11. Noweb basedoption available in Tally erp software.
  12. If the userpasswordis lost then the data retrieval is very difficult and time consuming.
  13. Tally  erp software  is not a Modular application unlink Quickbooks, Peachtree and other accounting software in Pakistan which provides different modules like Accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales and order management etc.
  14. Its not real time it can just be used to record detailed accountingdebitsand credits.
  15. There are verylimited reporting capabilitiesin Tally erp software.
  16. Tallysupport systemis not very good, there is still room for improvement.




  • It is a one stop solution as it has several modules plus generates necessary functions required for the business automatically.
  • The data is stored in the cloud, therefore you can restore all the data in case of system crash or any other problem.
  • Online GST software is an user friendly software that makes itself flexible for the user making it easy to implement.
  • Online GST software easily customizes with the business process.
  • It provides bank level security and comes with access restriction menu so you can restrict certain areas within the software from others for more privacy.
  • It can be used by unlimited number of users so it is suitable for any size of business.
  • It is easily accessible from anywhere. It is mobile friendly thus you can work from anywhere and get your reports daily along with real time update.

Tally ERP:

  • Tally ERP is not exactly and ERP but a collection of modules. These modules are provided to you and it generates no extra functions from these modules.
  • Data backup is difficult with Tally ERP. And at times it is impossible to get back the data.
  • Tally ERP is not user friendly and is difficult to use. It has its own way of functioning hence it requires you to move accordingly.
  • Customization is difficult and if customization is done then it requires you to pay extra for customizing it.
  • There is a risk of privacy breeching as it has no restriction menu and everyone can access the software. Thus you cannot keep extremely delicate data in it.
  • Only limited number of users can use it thus it cannot be used by too many users.
  • It is not mobile friendly thus it demands accessing it from the system, therefore you have to be at work to remain updated with the business or wait for the reports to reach you in case you are away from your business.


  • Run your business online
  • Automatic Data backup
  • No worry of Data theft
  • No Investment in Expensive hardware
  • Free and Automatic upgrades
  • Sync all your emails into one place and manage the leads, bills, complaints and sales orders from a single software block
  • Import leads automatically from your website, email or Google docs and assign them to your sales executives. Monitor executives and update lead status
  • View the last prepared invoice automatically while creating new Invoices. Set reminders for every invoice. SMS or email reminders automatically


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