Taly.ERP 9 Release 6, our GST-ready software comes with capabilities such as: … Download and install Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 for GST. … The latest version under Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 series is Release 6.0.3, which was launched on 02nd August, 2017.

The crucial first steps for GST readiness include:

  • Creating GST-compliant transactions
  • Printing GST Invoices/Bills
  • Maintaining books of accounts
  • Making your data visible online on GSTN – this is a new activity for you, and some aspects of it might surprise you. To give you more confidence in the new era of filing GST returns, we advise that you follow a two-step approach:
    • Use the error-solving capability (also known as triangulation) provided in our GST Ready Software to ensure that you do not upload wrong transactions, and always have correctness of data.
    • Upload verified transactions to GSTN to minimise any back and forth due to errors.

With Tally.ERP 9 Release 6, you can start running your entire business operations to comply with GST rules using the following capabilities:

Running your day-to-day business operations

  1. Set up all the required tax rates, and maintain GSTIN details of all your suppliers and customers.
  2. Ensure that all new transactions are GST-compliant, and print GST- invoices.

Submitting your compliance returns

  1. Use Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0 to verify correctness of transactions, in accordance with GST rules, before uploading data.
  2. Export data into a correctly formatted Microsoft Excel sheet using Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0.
  3. Import this Excel file into the Offline Utility provided by GSTN and generate an output file (in JSON format).
  4. Upload this extracted file to the GSTN portal




  • It is a one stop solution as it has several modules plus generates necessary functions required for the business automatically.
  • The data is stored in the cloud, therefore you can restore all the data in case of system crash or any other problem.
  • Online GST software is an user friendly software that makes itself flexible for the user making it easy to implement.
  • Online GST software easily customizes with the business process.
  • It provides bank level security and comes with access restriction menu so you can restrict certain areas within the software from others for more privacy.
  • It can be used by unlimited number of users so it is suitable for any size of business.
  • It is easily accessible from anywhere. It is mobile friendly thus you can work from anywhere and get your reports daily along with real time update.

Tally ERP:

  • Tally ERP is not exactly and ERP but a collection of modules. These modules are provided to you and it generates no extra functions from these modules.
  • Data backup is difficult with Tally ERP. And at times it is impossible to get back the data.
  • Tally ERP is not user friendly and is difficult to use. It has its own way of functioning hence it requires you to move accordingly.
  • Customization is difficult and if customization is done then it requires you to pay extra for customizing it.
  • There is a risk of privacy breeching as it has no restriction menu and everyone can access the software. Thus you cannot keep extremely delicate data in it.
  • Only limited number of users can use it thus it cannot be used by too many users.
  • It is not mobile friendly thus it demands accessing it from the system, therefore you have to be at work to remain updated with the business or wait for the reports to reach you in case you are away from your business.



You cannot customise your invoices yourself, you will require a developer to do the same.

You cannot see serial nos while passing a itemised invoice .

It is not customer centric

Difficult to use

Low Security


Initial Investment Tally Reach
Product Name Tally Platinum Reach Gold
Price for 30 users 360000 54000
Cost of a Dell PowerEdge T130 tower server 207285 Free
Price of LAN and Network Cabling for 10 computers (Unless already there) 35000 Not Needed
Anti-Virus Protection (Multi Computer Norton. 5 units is 2K) 4000 Free
TOTAL COST 606285 54000
2. Annual Cost Tally Reach
Product Name Tally Platinum Reach Gold
AMC, Renewals 72000 10800
SMS Cost (200 sms per day) 14885 Free
Version Upgrades 72000 Free
Anti-Virus Renewal 4000 Free
Support of Network Engineers for LAN related issues 6000 Not needed
Internet Cost ( Unless its already available ) Not needed 6000
TOTAL COST 168885 16800
3. Accessability Tally Reach
Product Name Tally Platinum Reach Gold
No. of Locations you can access from Only within the office Any computer with Internet
No. of users who can access at the same time < 10 Unlimited
No. of users who can work on the same window at a time 1 Unlimited
No. of Companies you can create Unlimited 1
Devices you can use to access Computer only Computer, Tab, Smart Phone
Userbased restriction on which companies they can work on Possible Possible
4. Feature Comparison Tally Reach
Product Name Tally Platinum Reach Gold
CRM Not Available Available
Sales Team Management (Like Salesforce with Mobile App for executives) Not Available Available
Freeze Entries by Owner Not Available Available
Payroll Available Available for additional cost
Project Management Module Not Available Available for additional cost
Manufacturing Module Not Available Available for additional cost
Repair Management Module Not Available Available for additional cost
Quality control Not Available Available for additional cost
Automatic Workflow Not Available Available
Automatic back up every 3 hours to protect Hard disk crash Not Available Available
Customise additional reports and templates Not Available Available

 Tally is like a software you buy from a super market or grocery shop. Read the instructions and use. Nothing can be done by a user. The way tally gives the way we should go. Software should be which would suit all the management and financial reports customized to the companies needs. A full completed software in all aspects.

JV cannot be amended once made

Security is not there.

Cannot have alerts if credit limit exceeds for any customer.No Pop us messages by the software


Batchwise control not there

Piecewise invoicing cannot be done

Two invoices for the same supply can be generated without authorization. Huge stock loss


In Tally.ERP 9,you can not maintain your payroll record separately like tally 9 because , Tally solution company has not provided payroll info and payroll voucher button in Tally.ERP 9 . It means now, you will follow simple procedure for recording of salarie sand wages same as you were using in Tally 7.2.


Reorder quantity for the stock cannot be set


Pricing enquiries and Price issues like supplying different customers at different prices is a complex task.




  • Run your business online
  • Automatic Data backup
  • No worry of Data theft
  • No Investment in Expensive hardware
  • Free and Automatic upgrades
  • Sync all your emails into one place and manage the leads, bills, complaints and sales orders from a single software block
  • Import leads automatically from your website, email or Google docs and assign them to your sales executives. Monitor executives and update lead status
  • View the last prepared invoice automatically while creating new Invoices. Set reminders for every invoice. SMS or email reminders automatically
  • See offer prices of all vendors while creating purchase orders. add purchase and manage incoming stock.
  • Send bills automatically to your accountant and add notes. Prepare VAT, Service Tax, TDS and Excise Reports automatically
  • Stop worrying about system crashes and data theft. Store the data safely on the cloud with Bank level security.
  • Auto sync to over 36 Banks, e-stores, Google docs, Google calendar, Project management tools, Click to Calls, SMS gateways, Payment Gateways and many others



  1. Free cloud server advantage
  2. All documents in one place
  3. Even if you have multiple businesses, All accounts are docked in a single account
  4. Easily import from Tally and Excel
  5. No worrying of unauthorized data intrusions
  6. Localised personally for all your business
  7. Personalised billing system
  8. Manage your customer
  9. Supplier Management
  10. Product Management
  11. Unlike traditional software, our products are hosted on the cloud and allows all your employees to work at the same time
  12. Custom made to suit your business
  13. Captures your leads from Emails and websites directly
  14. Tracks your orders
  15. Raises invoices
  16. Converts Invoices raised in Foreign Currency to Indian Rupees
  17. Imports from Excel and Tally
  18. Gives Multi-User access
    Allows to view reports on Mobile Phone
  19. Manages your inventory
  20. Shows your branchwise/sitewise profitability
  21. Securely backs up your data online
  22. Free cloud server
  23. All business data in one place



Reach  can be used for preparing Invoices, Auto Calculating the GST Liability, Filing Returns, Checking  Purchases which auto populates in GSTN, Making GST Payments and Accounting for GST.Free cloud server advantage, All documents in one place, All accounts are docked in  a single account for multiple businesses and securely backs up your data.




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