Top 6 Influential Products – 2009

I pondered over what actually can be termed as a good, influential product”¦

I started using a few products last year, which I intend to continue using the this year too; Let me call them  The most influential products ”˜ 2009

1. Google Docs

Though I knew this existed, I never intended to use this till one of our advisor, Sameer advised me to start using this. Google docs cuts down a good number of mails which we send internally by sharing documents, and throws a notification only when changed or commented upon. We have started using this for our daily reports and our clarity of communication has improved eversince.

2. Google Calander

As we grew in numbers, we had to fix meetings between our clients and Bookkeepers and remind both of them atleast 24 hours in advance. We used a spreadsheet to track which was of little use. Google Calander came in as a handy tool to discharge this function. We could schedule the meeting and also throw a remainder mail in advance.

3. Skype

”œ Sabse Bolo” as it is known has a different function to me. By installing Skype with a auto-signin function, We could track what time the Book-keepers started working and could share Tally Backup files in a flash.

4. Balsamiq Mockups

With our Online Accounting Product in the development phase and the developers and designers working from different cities, This product is a blessing for the Product Manager, as it helps to create mockups of the intended design and communicate visually. I also use this application to create slides for a few presentations.

5. Jing

This again is a great product which allows us to record screencasts and share it as a link. The application is simple and helps us to give feedbacks to the designer and more importantly to create Demo Videos and share it with clients over twitter.

6. Tweet Deck

I started blogging late during the year and Tweet Deck has helped me share my blogposts over different applications like twitter, facebook, friendfeed etc without duplicating

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