Your Questions on our New Accounting Product answered!

1. What does this Service do and who buys it?

Our Service helps Small Businesses & Self Employed Professionals prepare Monthly Accounts and Taxes with the help of a Dedicated Accountant.

2. Why does someone buy this product?

These are the Top 5 reasons why someone buys this product:

  1. Its Stressfree, No Accounting Knowledge needed: Your responsibility is only to email scanned copies of all Invoices and Bills
  2. Its dependable, No Accountant Needed: We  a dedicated Accountant for every account, You can speak to him directly
  3. It saves you from the Taxman, No more Penalties, Ready to file Tax Reports: Your Tax Reports are ready to efile, Just download the attachment and e-file!
  4. It protects you from Tax Notices, All Real Copies are Saved: Recieved a Tax Notice? Dont Panic, All real copies are store will every individual transaction. You can face any audit.
  5. Save Money, Tax Software+Accountant+Tax Return Preparation+ Document Management = Rs. 3000/- p.m: All this at rock bottom prices

3. How is this different from other Accounting Softwares?

Generally buying an Accounting Software is not a solution to your Bookkeeping and Tax Problem, rather it is the start.  Being a Small Business ourself, We faced this problem of not finishing Accounts on time and we incurred Tax Penalties every month, Further We had no monthly business intelligence reports to support our decision making. We decided to buy the most widely used software to fix our accounting problem, and we did. Months passed and we were no better than what we were, We had more problems now.  We spent a few weeks in going through the tutorials and a few more days in settingup our Account Groups and Categories; Once done, We had to find an Accountant. The Accountant who came into rolls had to habituate the team to get into the habit of passing over all the bills and Vouchers to him every day, He suceeded doing so in a few days. We picked a  CA to help us prepare our Tax Returns and as adviced by him, We started storing all the real receipts for a Tax Audit in large files; All done now, we could now measure the cost of bookkeeping: around 30K for the software+ 10K per month for the accountant +A few thousands for the CA and a large responsibility of storing all the real bills for 8 Long years. Having faced this we decided to provide an Accounting Solution at a much cheaper price. Reach Accountant is an intitative to answer all the problem points we faced a a small business.

4. Is this better than employing my own accountant?

What we are saying is that, we can help you finish your monthly accounts irrespective of you having or not having an accountant.

5. Is this better than doing the accounts myself?

We know that you love your business and want to spend most of your time on it (not in it). so focus on your business and leave the accounting to us. we will take over

6. Will you also file my VAT/ Service Tax Returns?

The software will generate a Tax Report cum attachment which can be downloaded and efiled easily, however if you want us to file your VAT / Service Tax Returns, we can handle this at a nominal fee.

7. Will you prepare my Income Tax Returns?

We can help you prepare your Income Tax Returns for a nominal fee.

8. What other CA services will you provide?

We can help you right from incorporating the company, raising funds and naming the company to registering with Tax Authorities, Preparing your Tax Returns and handling a few audit functions. Please check the support services portion of our website for more details.

9. In case of a Tax Scrutiny, will you handle it?

We have partnered with a few CA’s in Chennai and Bangalore, who can help you handle the Tax Scrutiny for a fee, we intend to create such affiliations in other cities shortly. Be informed that our software stores all the real bills and vouchers for every transaction and hence you are ready to face any audit.

10. What will I have to do?

The software helps you store all your records and the dedicated accountant will help you prepare your accounts and taxes, but please remember that all accounting and taxes are prepared based on the information given by you. so make sure you provide correct and complete information to us.

11. Do I still have to look after filing my tax returns?

The responsibility of filing returns is on you. The software enables you to download a ready to file efiling statement, which makes the task of filing easy. If requested, we can file this every month.

12. I dont have a scanner, now what?

Dont bother, We can always send our scanner boys to your place of business who will scan and upload all documents provided by you. The service is available at a small price per visit.

13. I dont have time to scan, Can you send you person to help me scan?

We definately can. We can send our scanner boys to your place of business to help you scan and upload the documents provided by you. The service is available for a small price per visit.

14. Do I still have to face a Tax Scrutiny?

The responsibility of facing a Tax Scrutiny remains with you. We can currently provide professional services to handle a scrutiny in Chennai and Bangalore for a small fee, Our software keeps you ready to face a tax scrutiny and any CA close to you should generally be able to help you.

15. How much will I have to pay?

You can avail this software+ A dedicated Accountant for at a small price of Rs. 3000/- per month.

16. Can you help me scan the documents? Whats the price?

Our Scanner boys can visit your place of business and help you scan you documents. This service is currently available in Chennai & Bangalore for a price of Rs. 300/- per visit.

17. Will I have to pay extra for filing my Tax returns?

If you also want us to prepare your monthly VAT/ Service Tax Returns, you can do so for a additional price of Rs. 1000/- per month.

18. What is included? Whats not?

The software+A dedicated Accountant = Rs. 3000/- per month

Preparing and filing Monthly VAT/Service Tax Returns = Rs. 1000/- per month

Scanning your documents in your office = Rs. 300/- per visit.

All other services are excluded and is priced seperately.

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