What is ERP System? 3 features of a Good ERP System

What is ERP System? A Quick Introduction to Reach ERP System

Before we answer your Question on what is ERP System? Let us give you a quick introduction to Reach ERP software one of the leading online ERP software stands best with all advanced features makes your business easier! In our previous blog we gave evidences on The Best ERP software in India to automize your business. Now let”™s see the exciting features of the best ERP software in India-Reach ERP software.

Excellence is what distinguishes a good company from a great one!! But attaining excellence in a business involves much process with coordination which is not so easy. Being a business owner you would have known about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that manages all business process. Based on the requirement many ERP providers are available in the market.

Among them Reach ERP software with all the efficient and excellent features stands as the best online ERP software in India with more than 1000 users all over the world including Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore and also in Malaysia  which coordinates and correlates every business process and provides you the immediate and perfect business solutions.



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Reach ERP software is a simple but effective & ultimate business tool that gives every business solutions for all types businesses including manufacturing business such as

  • Sales & Service business
  • Service business
  • Retail business
  • Trade & Distribution business
  • Jewellery business
  • Supermarkets
  • Assembly Manufacturers
  • Process Manufacturers
  • Job-Works Manufacturers

As already said Reach ERP system is bundled and packed with lots of features to minimize your work and maximize your profit. In this article we will see the 3 features of Reach ERP system that simplifies your business process:

Reach ERP system manages your Sales & Expenses:

Today sales management is the most important function in a commercial and small & medium sized enterprise. But managing the sales in an organization is a tough and challenging job because that includes generating leads, following them, calling the customers, mailing the details to the customers, assigning the lead to the concerned executive, updating status from him, closing the sale in a minimal time, etc. These processes require more time, person and money investment. But Reach ERP software makes all the above process much and much easier by send price lists over emails, raising quotations, converts quotes into sales orders and orders into Invoices, manages the delivery details with the despatch information and ultimately increase your profitivity without any confusion.

Reach ERP system manages your Inventory & Warehouse:

Any small & medium sized enterprise need to maintain accurate Inventory information that are sold, distributed and consumed by a company to better serve your customers and to run a profitable business. Reach ERP software efficiently guides and fulfills your Inventory issues by computerizing and recording every stock or goods information, transfer stocks between goodowns, extract Inventory List. Reach ERP software provides you a successful and easy Inventory management by creating purchase plan and ensures that stock or goods are available when they are needed and keeps track of current inventory and its reports for future.

Reach ERP system manages your Tax systems:

The objective of tax management is to obey with the provisions of Income Tax Law and its rules. Maintaining correct and accurate accounts minimizes your tension and confusion. Reach ERP system, India effectively manages your tax process including getting the accounts audited, filling of returns in time, including and deducting tax in products,  calculate TDS automatically, add Service Tax, VAT and Excise, extract reports after adjusting input tax credit adjustments, extract Tax audit report schedules.


”œService counts in business today; service is not an issue; if you don”™t provide service you”™re out of business”. Reach ERP system with all the efficient and advanced features ensures completely fits and serves best for your any type of business to overview and control the whole organization. To run your business with ease start implementing the best ERP software in India visit us today. You can also try our software here to check it by yourself. You can even talk to our software experts for your software queries at 044-49272736.

I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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