The type of software manufacturers require must be a complete package having all the modules that will be able to manage the departments and processes of a manufacturing company.

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is the type of software that suits a company that is into manufacturing business as it comes with all the features that help in looking after a business that contains several departments with a heavy workload.

Deciding on purchasing an ERP software is not a difficult choice but deciding on which is the best ERP software for your business can create a dilemma as the market is filled with ERP software that assures you that they will be of help. But how do you decide on which software is best and suitable for your business?

It is not always the brand or what everyone is using, it is also about what will help your business to improve.


Reach ERP software

Reach ERP is one of the best software available for manufacturers. It customizes with your business so you do not have to struggle to adapt to it. It takes charge of your complete business and improves the workflow and lets you work from anywhere you want as it is cloud based. Reach keeps you updated about all the departments in real-time providing your business with bank-level security and tracking all the work in every department.

Let us see what makes Reach the best ERP software for manufacturers.

Project management

Reach helps in managing the complete project and you can create as many projects as you want in it so you can manage them separately. A product has several processes and Reach understands that hence it allows you to break them down into tasks so you can work with ease. This way you can look into every task making it much simpler for you to focus on and it keeps your process error free. Reach ERP makes work progress visible so you and your employees stay updated with the status of the process.

Inventory management

You cannot risk running out of raw materials as it affects your workflow, therefore, Reach ERP takes care of it for you. Reach tracks your inventory level allowing you to know what is running out of stock so you can restock your warehouse beforehand with the required items by the time it reaches the minimum level, so you do not have to wait till the raw materials arrive in your warehouse when it is completely utilized.

Increases workflow

Manufacturing is a hectic job and we can all agree on that. But with Reach ERP handling all your

departments it reduces communication gap as all the departments stay updated about the work. It automates your business hence a lot of work and updates are done automatically and you can easily move forward with your processes.

Reduces costs

You can reduce the number of employees as you have a software that keeps you and all the departments updated and you can keep an eye on everything by yourself. Your raw materials do not go to waste in case you have perishable materials stocked as inventory management module will take care of it and you will not have to store it in a huge number due to the fear of running out of stock. It also helps you send bulk SMS and emails, therefore, you do not have to make calls in order to update your employees or clients. Time is money in a business and Reach saves time by reducing communication gaps and by reducing process stages hence you can create more products in lesser time

One stop solution

No more worries about purchasing too many software for your business as ERP manages all your departments. Reach is a complete package as mentioned earlier and it customizes and expands along with your business. Therefore you do not have to worry about getting a new software when your company increases in size. Along with taking care of your departments and accounts it also improves your business and helps your business move faster to a higher level in no time.

Its features include:

  • Email management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Order management
  • Repair management
  • Sales team management
  • Invoicing
  • Point of sale
  • Purchase management
  • Lots and barcode management
  • Loyalty management
  • Inventory management
  • Payroll
  • Addons
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Security and privacy

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