Accounting software
describes a type of application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payableaccounts receivablegeneral ledgerpayroll, and trial balance. It functions as an accounting information system. It may be developed in-house by the organization using it, may be purchased from a third party, or may be a combination of a third-party application software package with local modifications. Accounting software may be on-line based, accessed anywhere at any time with any device which is Internet enabled, or may be desktop based. It varies greatly in its complexity and cost



  • Financio
  • SQL Account
  • Biztory
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Ace Software





Designed for micro / small business owners and non-accountants in Malaysia. Financio helps reduce the time & money you spent on accounting and tax (GST) related tasks. Financio, a product of ABSS, brings small business accounting automation to Malaysia and other countries, redefining how small business owners handle accounting and tax tasks, bringing accounting software to the next level

Accounting Automation

Just issue invoices, record payments and expenses, Financio will do the tedious ones such as generating accounting entries and tax records for you.



Create professional looking invoice and have it delivered to your customers electronically via email in just a few clicks.



Send and receive messages as well as share files related to the transaction with your customers or suppliers, regardless they are using Financio or not.



Online / Cloud Based

Online / web-based accounting software. Access your data anywhere with any connected mobile, tablet or computer. For PC, Mac, Android or iOS.


Responsive Support

Our knowledge base provide instant answers to you. On top of that, our support agents will be happy to answer your questions via live chat / email.


Financio Connect

Connect your business with other businesses on Financio. Transactions, messages, files and updates can be send back and forth effortlessly.


Flexible Permissions

Highly customisable permission settings (Read-only, create or approval) on each modules enable you to grant precise permission to your employees.


Charts & Reports

Live charts and reports at your fingertips whenever you need it. You are always kept updated and have a better idea of how your business is doing.


Live Backup

All data stored on Financio comes with one copy of live backup and a second copy of daily backup, never worry about losing your data again.


Highly Secure

We deploy banking level security on our servers and for data transferred between your machine and our servers. Your data is safe with us.

Responsive Support

Our knowledge base provide instant answers to you. On top of that, our support agents will be happy to answer your questions via live chat / email.


for startups for growing businesses
FREEforever RM32.95/MRM329.50/yr (17% Off)
Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
Track Sales (10 invoices/mth) Track Sales (Unlimited)
Track Purchases (10 bills/mth) Track Purchases (Unlimited)
Track Income & Expenses Track Income & Expenses
Limited Financial Reports (3) Full Financial Reports (12)
No Malaysia GST Support Malaysia GST Support
Multi Currencies Support Multi Currencies Support
No Inventory Tracking Inventory Tracking
Financio Connect Financio Connect
20MB File Storage 20GB File Storage
Standard Support (2 days) Priority Support (2 hours)
Daily Backup Real-Time + Daily Backup (Up to 7 days)



SQL Accounting

SQL accounting software gives you a combination of powerful business modules. Create and deploy customized business software and custom reports that work for you. Ensures data integrity, authenticated data access and online backups.



  • Organizes your finances intelligently in one place
  • Track sales, purchases and collections
  • Maintain and keep your inventory up-to-date
  • Generate and print useful info with advanced analytic too




  • General Ledger
  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Stock




Create and manage accounting records by project or department so you can easily keep track and analyze your company’s performance


SQL Account supports special aging (e.g: 0-7, 0-9 days and etc.) apart from the standard aging, all built-in. It also features Advance Credit Control, a feature that lets you set credit limit and overdue limit for each customer


Similar to Customer module, the Supplier module also supports special aging (e.g: 0-7, 0-9 days and etc.) apart from the standard aging, all built-in. It also features Advance Credit Control, a feature that lets you set credit limit and overdue limit for each supplier.


SQL Account supports partial delivery through out Sales module documents. In addition, SQL Account also provides an assistant screen which show the available stock balance and sales price history when you are creating any Sales document.


Similar to Sales module, the Purchase module supports partial delivery through out its documents. It also provides an assistant screen which show stock balance and purchase price history when you are creating any purchase document.


A real time posting engine. Date sensitive costing calculation so you can back date transactions. Costing calculation inter-warehouse transfer. Extreme accuracy in costing calculation, and multi-generate inter-warehouse transfer in costing calculation.



Brand: SQL Financial Account Software  Brand: SQL Financial Account Software  Brand: SQL Financial Account Software 
Product Code: SQL Accounting 2599 GST Product Code: SQL Accounting Software Product Code: SQL ACCOUNTING
Availability: In Stock Availability: In Stock Availability: In Stock
Price: RM2,599.00 Price: RM3,999.00 Price: RM2,599.00




Minimalist process

Record book-keeping has never been so easy. With a single click, Biztory automates almost everything for you in the background, from inventory control to GST audit filing.

Humanly designed

We put effort in designing down to every single button just to make you feel friendly and easy to use. Our design ensure a brand new user may pick up Biztory in minutes and master it in days.

Visual come first

We believe that image speak better than words. In Biztory, you could replace your products with bunch of thumbnail not only for aesthetic value and quick identification, but also remove the language barrier among people.

Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud technology gives you the freedom to conveniently access your business wherever you go, everything at your fingertips. Now, you may work in your favorite coffee shop and yet having full control of it.


Device Friendly

Why do you need to pay more for your hardware if you could just reuse your home computer or tablet as workstation? Biztory plays well in most of the devices, even on your mobile phone.


Auto Backup

Being anxiety or terrified because of the backup you missed? Afraid no more. Biztory gives you peace of mind by saving all your work silently, best of all it runs periodic backup on daily basis too!


FREE RM49 RM99 RM199
1 User 2 Users 5 Users 10 Users
1 Payment Term Unlimited Payment Term Unlimited Payment Term Unlimited Payment Term
Weekly Digest Daily Digest Daily Digest Daily Digest
10 Emails Up to 50 Emails Up to 500 Emails Up to 2000 Emails
 Billing + GST + Accounting  Billing + GST + Accounting  Billing + GST + Accounting  Billing + GST + Accounting
 Cashflow  Cashflow  Cashflow  Cashflow
 Inventory  Inventory  Inventory  Inventory
1 Year of Report  Reports  Reports  Reports
 Email Support  Email Support  Email Support  Email Support
 Phone Support  Phone Support  Phone Support  Phone Support







QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions[2] that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.


Intuits has integrated several web-based features into QuickBooks, including remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration with Google Maps, marketing options through Google, and improved e-mail functionality through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. For the 2008 version, the company has also added import from Excel spreadsheets, additional employee time tracking options, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new Help functions. In June 2007, Intuit announced that QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions would run on Linux servers, whereas previously it required a Windows server to run




QuickBooks Simple Start

  • Small business and sole proprietors.
  • Easily upgraded to other QuickBooks version as your business grows.

QuickBooks Online Edition

One of the biggest advantages of QuickBooks Online is its compatibility—it will work across all platforms because the software does not run on your desktop, laptop or mobile device, but is instead hosted and run on Intuit’s servers. This offers extra security and protection from data loss and ensures you always have the latest version of the software.

  • Create estimates and invoices.
  • Track sales, payments, sales tax and inventory.
  • Share data with accountants.
  • Create over 100 customizable accounting reports.
  • Manage payroll.
  • Send invoices, reports, and estimates from QuickBooks Online.
  • Add options for online payroll, budgeting and class tracking and sales tools.

There are three subscription plans for QuickBooks Online available: Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus.

Each comes with a 30-day free trial period.

QuickBooks Pro Edition

QuickBooks Pro edition can create estimates and invoices; track sales, payments, sales tax and inventory; integrate with Microsoft Outlook and export data to Excel, among many other features.

  • Share data with accountants.
  • Create over 100 customizable accounting reports.
  • Manage payroll.
  • Track all your bills in one place with (QuickBooks Bill Tracker).
  • Step-by-step tutorials.
  • Supports up to three simultaneous users.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee with QuickBooks Pro.

QuickBooks Premier Edition

QuickBooks Premier offers all of the features of QuickBooks Pro and more.

  • Industry-specific reporting.
  • Business planning tools and sales and expense forecasting.
  • Create sales orders and track back orders.
  • Track costs for finished products and inventory.
  • Supports up to five simultaneous users.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks Enterprise edition is the most powerful version of QuickBooks. It is designed for medium to large businesses, especially those that are expanding to multiple locations. It encompasses the features of the smaller editions, adds a few more large-scale features, and increases the number of simultaneous users to 30.

  • All of QuickBooks Premier features, with enhancements to some of those features.
  • Support for up to 30 simultaneous users.
  • Tracking for up to 100,000 inventory items, customers or vendors.
  • Manage fixed assets and employees.
  • True Commerce’s EDI Transaction Manager software now included.
  • Store QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions data on Linux servers.
QuickBooks Pro + 3 Mobile Apps QuickBooks Premier + 3 Mobile Apps QuickBooks Accountant + 3 Mobile Apps EasyBiz Business in a Bag
From: R4,000.00 From: R5,000.00 From: R6,000.00 R1,999.00




ACE, or Adaptive Compliance Engine, is a scalable and highly-configurable Enterprise Quality Management System that can adapt to any business process to enable the tracking, management, and reporting of all compliance, quality, and operational activities in real time. ACE combines a wide range of regulatory compliance tasks into a comprehensive and seamless platform, eliminating the cost of managing disconnected and isolated applications. Ace Software is a software development company that delivers affordable solutions. The company aims at client satisfaction through expertise in Information Technology. We develop application software ranging from database management to real-time production control and systems software. The objective is to be a company that caters to the complete Information Technology (IT) needs of the clients. The philosophy that places us a cut above the rest is building applications that optimize the usage of software and hardware capabilities to the maximum.



Make workflows that fit your business.

ACE provides a single-platform workflow management system that automates approval-based processes across systems and departments. ACE allows for the generation of workspaces, workflows, and reports, all while maintaining efficiency through customizable filters for effective record searching. Ensure the quality of your company and processes while simplifying the workload with ACE.


Site, process, and role-based security.

With ACE you can set roles and responsibilities within your organization. Set permissions and workflow requirements to ensure that the appropriate person sees and approves all operations. Schedule tasks for select individuals or send them notifications, either through email or the in-system notification, with ACE. Never worry about skipped approvals or security oversights.

Electronic Signature & Audit Trail.

Collect and store electronic signatures for records or documents being routed through the configurable workflow system. View and print reports on record-level audit trial information. ACE is compliant with a wide variety of regulatory requirements and industry standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO regulations.


Everything You Need, All In One Place.

ACE allows you to create custom dashboards to organize, maintain, and track all current and open projects and reports. The dashboard allows you to maintain efficiency through configurable filters with real-time updates; this allows for seamless understanding within your organization while eliminating human communication errors or missed important deadlines.






Basic Standard Advanced Silver Gold
$0 per month $19 per month $39 per month $59 per month $99 per month
5 users 10 users 25 users 50 users Unlimted users
50 Tasks 1000 Tasks Unlimited Tasks Unlimited Tasks Unlimited Tasks
2 projects 10 Projects 25 Projects 50 Projects Unlimited projects
250 MB 5GB 10Gb 15GB 20GB




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