Why should you not download Tally ERP free?

Why should you not download Tally ERP free?

Free software are usually downloaded by the business owners because they seem cost effective and many business owners does not want to spend on management as much as they do on business.

Tally ERP free is one of the most common and widely sued software. The problem with Tally ERP free is that it surely does work as a business management software but it has many drawbacks that could actually lead to several disadvantages for your business.

  1. No security guaranteed

Your business has delicate information and it has to be stored in the software. But with Tally ERP free you can never be sure that your information will be completely safely stored in it. You cannot restrict the areas that you do not want your employees to see.  You have to be extra careful with your password and pay extra attention to data safety without any high level of security.

It is not guaranteed that no one will access your data. You cannot be safe from unauthorized access as you cannot restrict areas in it and you will have very less privacy in your account as the software will make everything visible to your employees as well once logged in.


  1. Cannot be customized

If you cannot customize your software it is difficult to work with it. A software is your partner in the business and if you both do not agree on certain matters it is difficult to get along but since it is a software you will be forced to adapt to its uncomfortable twists and turns and make yourself flexible.


  1. Risk of data loss

With Tally ERP free you do not really get an impressive backup or any backup at all. You have to move it to safer folder or back it up daily. It is not possible to get back all your data once your system is crashed or in case of bugs. Thus it is not recommended to download  Tally ERP free. You remain at a high risk of data loss because you cannot predict what is coming up next and when your system might catch bug.


  1. Not exactly an ERP

Tally Free is not exactly an ERP software but a rigid package like a buffet. You cannot have all you require but only whatever is provided to you. This way you cannot have a complete ERP experience as you only have a handful of features which do not generate other functions nor integrates easily. Thus, you have to accept it the w3ay it comes.


  1. Not user friendly

As mentioned earlier it is not customizable nor generates any other modules. Thus it is clear that it is not user friendly either. Tally ERP free is difficult to adjust with thus it takes time for you and your employees to learn and get used to it and all the pain is not worth it.

Why should you not download Tally ERP free?

Reach ERP software

Reach ERP is a cloud based software. It is customizable and user friendly. Reach provides 100% backup as all the data is stored in the cloud and also provides bank level security. Reach ERP is a complete package with necessary addons and also it can be easily integrated.

It is a smart  and intelligent software that comes with useful features and helps you take better decisions for better business.


  • Dashboard
  • CRM
  • Warehouse management
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Purchase and expenses
  • Quality/batch control
  • Costing

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