Best accounting software for small and medium business

Best accounting software for small and medium business

Every size of business requires a certain type of software that suits to run it. In the case of small and medium business, there are varieties of software that are available in the market at the moment that claims to take care of them.

While selecting a software you have to make sure that it is not just some accounting software that handles accounts but a software that is meant for your category of business.

Best accounting software for small and medium business

Reach accounting software is one of the best software that is suitable for both small and medium business. It easily customizes with any type of business hence you need not require to bend along with its rules or make major adjustments.

It is an online based software, therefore, you have the complete safety of your data. It provides bank-level security and is accessible from any location but also provides restriction menu so you can have more privacy. It is easy to operate hence your employees will not take long to adjust with Reach. It provides all the updates in real time and carries out many more functions and not just accounting by automating your business. It is an intelligent software that helps in make better decisions and improves your business. Reach is aware of the problems faced in integrating with other software hence it integrates with your existing software and improves workflow.

It is one of the best software any business can ask for as it is all in all a smart choice because of all the features, functions, and facilities that it comes with.


Accounting management

Accounting management is one of the main features of Reach accounting software. Manage your accounting ledgers, bank and cash operations, purchase and sales operations, warehouse allocations, expense recording, expense grouping, payments, journal entries, receipts, contra entries, financial reports, day book, etc.

All the reports are updated in real time so you can always have a better view on all your reports hence you can also make the right decision and on the right time.

GST management

Reach calculates the tax automatically for every bill created. It makes your tax process simple, all you have to do is add the amount of tax percentage and it will calculate the tax automatically. You can also add the multiple tax scheme on multiple item purchases at a single time.

Income management

Create quotes with ease and turn them into invoices or sales order. It has 20 invoice templates where you can add your company’s logo and tagline for a more professional approach. From invoices, you can also create receipts easily. It allows your accountants to know which payments have been received and which are still pending and you can also set reminders so you never miss out on any bills with Reach managing your business.

Expense management

It lets you create purchase orders which can be converted into payments and bills and also debit cards can be created for purchase returns making all the process simpler. It updates your accountant with received and pending bills, reducing all their workload. You can set reminders so you don’t miss out on the due dates hence you can expect very less or no errors while working with Reach.

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