Best Customer relationship management software (CRM)

Best Customer relationship management software (CRM)

Customer management software is a program that manages your customers and takes care of your management. It stores all your customer information and makes it simpler for your business to manage them, gives a better experience, reduces costs and improves your customer management.


Best Customer relationship management software (CRM)

Reach CRM software is an online based software that automates your business. It helps in coordinating your sales team and in closing more deals faster and easier. It stores your customer’s purchase history and it improves your productivity and accelerates workflow.



  1. Contacts

Reach CRM stores all your customer information, details, contacts, and history, making your communication better with your customers. Reach stores all the information individually hence you are free of errors.

  1. Lead management

Reach allows you to find leads filtering them on their level of interest and scope. Hence, you can find more leads and convert more leads into customers as they will have more chances of closing deals than random leads.


Quotations can be created easily using the Reach CRM mobile app and Reach also allows you to send the quotes to your customers with ease.

  1. Sales orders

Managing all the sales orders is a game for Reach as it manages all your orders along with all the specific processes required for each. Easily convert your orders into invoices so all the details are recorded for the customers.

  1. Mobile App

It does not have to be only your system that you can run your business from. Reach understands that you might need to manage your business from anywhere, therefore, it is mobile friendly as well. Manage your clients, sales with ease from anywhere and get your reports and updates in real time.

  1. Sales team collaboration

Reach CRM makes sure that your sales team and telemarketing has an uninterrupted and miscommunication free collaboration. Your sales team get a better clarity on the daily appointments and all the updates in real time which leads to better business.

  1. E-mail integration

It allows integrating all your emails in one place so you can save time. Reach also helps in assigning work through emails to the concerned departments and also converts the emails into invoices, sales orders, etc.

  1. Territory management

Reach helps in managing each territory with a clear view as it allows to create separate management for each business branch. Therefore, you do not require to visit each branch often or daily as you can manage it all from one software.

  1. Bulk SMS and email

This feature reduces costs a lot. You can send out bulk SMS and emails to your employees and clients and save time and money. In the case of upcoming projects or items, you can advertise it in this manner and save yourself a handsome amount from your budget.

  1. Cloud call integration

Reach has an easy call button that spares you from real calls that cost. It is just a click away and you can speak to your customers whenever possible. It provides a recording facility so you can record all the calls which increase productivity and can be used later  for training purposes as well.

  1. Reports and Dashboard

Know overall profit, work progress, highest selling product, highest value customer, best sales executive, etc. And also get all the reports and updates in real time making you take better decisions and do better business. Reach CRM gives all the reports relating to finance, sales, tax, stock and audit tool reports.

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