Best CRM software for small and medium business

Best CRM software for small and medium business

Every size of business requires a programme that can help it manage its clients or customers. CRM(Customer relationship management) is a software that helps a business manage their clients and maintain a better relationship keeping them loyal and helping you find more leads and improve your business.

Best CRM software for small and medium business

Reach CRM software is one of the best customer relationship management software that the market is providing. What makes it one of the best? It is a cloud-based software, it customises, manages your business with ease, user-friendly, has a high level of security, wide range if features, and much more.

Let us learn more elaborately by taking a look at its features:

  1. Contacts

Stores as many contacts as you want and tracks and records the status of your customer and their purchase history. It helps you interact with your clients and customers better so you can assist their issues better and provide them with better service.


  1. Lead management

Make it easy for you to convert your leads into appointments and you can manage them from one software. Reach CRM filters your leads by finding you leads who are more likely to do business with you hence you can get more leads without digging and close more deals.



Send out quotes effortlessly as your sales executive will easily be able to create quotes using our Reach CRM mobile app and send it out to the customers instantly.


  1. Sales order

Get more specific actions and tasks to manage your sales order. You can also turn your sales order into invoices easily with just one click.


  1. Mobile app

Take your business along with you wherever you go. Reach CRM is a mobile friendly software hence you can get all your updates anywhere you are. It also reports in real time hence you can take better decisions as you will be able to manage your sales team from any location.


  1. Sales team collaboration

Allows a smooth flow between telemarketing and your sales team. This will make your sale steam more aware of the appointments and changes as all the updates are in real time.


  1. Email integration

All the emails are integrated into one place therefore, you can save time by just logging in one account. This also helps you assign emails to the departments responsible and convert them to invoices, sales orders, etc.


  1. Territory management

All your branches can be managed from one software. It unites all the branches and makes management simple, fast and easy. Thus, you don’t have to visit all the branches every day or often, instead, you can just keep them under check using Reach CRM.


  1. Bulk SMS and email

Send SMS and email in bulk with just one click and save time, it also helps to update all your employees and clients at one go. Update your client with each status of the business easily.


  1. Cloud call integration

The dialling of numbers is no longer required as one click can help you connect with your customers and clients. You can also record the calls for future references or while training.


  1. Reports and dashboards

Get all the reports of loss, profit, sales, expenses, top leads, best sales executive, etc. And also get a clear view of all the finance related reports like sales, TAX, stalk, audit tool reports, etc.

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