Best acounting software for trade and distribution business

Best accounting software for trade and distribution business

Find what is that your business requires and what is that you are looking for in an accounting software. Accounting software also has their categories and their own features even if they all fall in the same niche. To know which software is suitable for your business to find out about the software and shortlist them, speak with the vendor, take a demo and finalise on your software.

Best accounting software for trade and distribution business

Reach is one of the best accounting software for trade and distribution. It automates your business and is an online software. It stores all your data in the cloud hence you have a backup without worrying about data loss even when your system crashes.

Reach is accessible from anywhere and it also comes with accessibility restriction menu so you can restrict certain areas within the software so you can enjoy more privacy.

Its features include:

  1. Email management

This feature allows you to sync all the emails and manage all your leads, sales orders, complaint’s etc from just one software.


  1. Manufacturing management

It manages all your raw materials, production process and updates you with the reports of the finished goods.


  1. Order management

Convert job orders and sales orders into invoices.


  1. Repair management

Allows you to create job sheets with ease and assign them to your employees. And also it sends an SMS to the customer about the status of their product.


  1. Sales team management

Imports your leads from your website, google docs, emails, etc and assigns them to your sales team. It also updates the status of your lead and helps your sales executives to turn leads into appointments.


  1. Invoicing

Makes your invoice history clear for viewing so you can see your last invoice created and allows you to set reminders so you never miss any.  There are over 20 templates for you to choose from and you can customise them with your logo and tagline allowing your business to have a more professional look.


  1. Point of sale

It comes with both touch and keyboard and works even when the net connection is cut off.


  1. Purchase management

Allows you to see all the offer prices of the vendors while creating purchase orders. Add purchase and manage incoming stock.

  1. Lots and barcode

Lets you create lots and barcode. Generates codes and prints barcode labels automatically and reads the barcodes user a barcode scanner.


  1. Loyalty management

Assign points to your customers on every purchase and help them redeem it on their next purchase or whichever later purchases they want to redeem it with.


  1. Inventory management

Manage your inventory level and find out what needs to be shipped and what is to be purchased before you run out of stock.


  1. Payroll

Processes payrolls that generate payslips and sends them emails in bulk.


  1. Addons

Syncs over 36 banks automatically, e-stores, google calendars, google docs, project management tools, click to calls, SMS gateways, payment gateways and much more. This makes it more useful as it keeps all these handy addons for you to perform all the functions easily.


  1. Accounting and taxes

Sends bills automatically to your accountant and adds notes, it takes care of all the accounting and taxes that is usually a headache in any field. Prepares VAT, Service TAX, TDS and excise reports automatically.


  1. Security and privacy

Stores all the data in the cloud. Has a bank level security and comes with restriction menu os you can restrict areas in the software for more privacy.

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