Few tips on how to keep your customers happy

Few tips on how to keep your customers happy

Every business we come across today tries their best to put their customers first. Every advertisement, every PR campaign of a business includes giving importance to the customers and clients. This is because customers are what makes your business as they make your business survive in the market and if they are satisfied with what you have to offer you will need to work on it.

Only the service or the product with quality is not what sells and makes a business. Paying attention to your customers when they need help with some service problem, product enquiry, etc is what makes the customers think that they really matter your business.For example in online shopping when we need help with returns policy, product damage, delay of products we need someone to rely on from the company and someone to walk us through with the policies and it is a good experience when their support is cooperative and understanding. But there are many businesses which fail on serving the customers once they have purchased the product. A company is known as loyal, friendly and trustworthy when it treats its customers well.


Therefore, here are few tips that will keep your customers happy:

  1. Value their feedbacks

The suggestions given by customers to improvise your product and service are very important as they have suggestions for your business improvement. Using the feedbacks you can see where you went wrong and hence you can improve your approach to your customers. Take the negative comments as a lesson and a platform to perform better which is the only way to improve and gain customer satisfaction.


  1. Be approachable

Be accessible to your customers and your support team must be easy to reach. Do not make the customers wait through a long process or complicated rules to contact the support team. Many companies make this make of making their customers wait for a long period online. It is not fun waiting and nobody has time for wasting on your ads or processes. Therefore make it just a few clicks away for the customer to reach you. Once the purchase has been made your work is not done. Enquire about their experiences, problems faced, dissatisfaction of any kind, etc. Educate your employees on how to behave with the customers


  1. Be authoritative and find solutions for all the problems

Do not make it more complicated for a customer who is already facing a problem be sure about what you are offering them and make sure it gains back their loyalty. If a customer comes with a confusion in between two plans or two products choose for them wisely based on their questions and needs. Give a cash back along with a goodwill offer at times or whatever your company allows so the customer accepts your apology and continues to do business with you. Do not be blank when the customer is inquiring about solutions, always have a reply and a reasonable answer for everything. It is your company and you need to educate your employees thoroughly so they can reply to every question thrown at them.


  1. Stay in touch with your customers

Keep in touch with your customers regularly. Call them and update them about the business and upcoming new services or products. Ask your customers if they are satisfied with your service or product. Make your calls should be friendly and short, do make regular calls but do not bug them. Reply to their emails as soon as possible and address to their queries directly. Keep it as polite and friendly as possible. Do not keep them waiting, reply within 24 hours which shows that you actually care about your customers.


  1. Be real

Do not make overrated promises and make a bad impression out of yourself. Keep it an extent that your company will be able to perform and never disappoint your customers by breaking your promises. Find other options in case what the customer is asking is not possible find some idea that will benefit the customer while correcting certain mistakes.


Few tips on how to keep your customers happy

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