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Reach POS Software for Growing Retailers

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The Point of Sale (POS) system is the backbone of the operations of a Retail Shops. Reach works in Cloud where you can sell from anywhere on any device and is an all in one retail software solution that helps your entire textile/boutique retail business from POS operations to accounting and Inventory management.

Reach POS for retail is specifically designed to suit your business’s specific needs and it has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Today the cash register of even the smallest business may be attached to a computer via “point-of-sale” (POS) systems. These systems have grown in popularity over conventional cash registers because they don’t just ring up sales. They amass vital, real-time information about your inventory and customers.

The main reason for using the POS system is to ease the workload with negligible increase in expenditure. Regardless of the system used, there are a number of reasons why POS systems are still the best choice for running most Retails Textile/Boutique Shops.

Let’s take a look at some of these reasons:-

Benefit of POS

  • There are many benefits of having a retail management POS system. By capturing all the data for the store, sharing it, reporting on it and using it to make informed decisions, a retail management POS system saves time, saves money, saves duplication of work and the time it takes staff to perform tasks. It increases efficiency, automates processes, increases accuracy, increases sales and enhances the customer experience, just to name a few.
  • All the data of all the products will be available on the counter to you and you can bill multiple products using just one system.
  • Retailers benefit from a retail POS system that is easy to use and enables cashiers to do sales fast so the lines stay short. Sale and Specialty Pricing are automatically calculated by the POS.
  • It has bar coding so that system will read the barcodes of various products and generate the bill.

Track Inventory

  • In a POS system, the stock is scanned into the system, and the price is set.
  • Sales deductions are automatically calculated, and the available balance is easily maintained.
  • Accurate and robust Inventory Control is a key component of a retail store’s profit margins and overall success.
  • The Inventory tracking capabilities within Reach POS Software, details which products are selling (fast selling & slow selling), what needs to be reordered and identifies items that have been missing.

Best Practice Performance Reports

  • Sales
  • Stock Turnover
  • Return on Inventory
  • Average Sale
  • Average Number of Items Sold

Attract More Customers into Your Store

  • Good service and quality products are key components of generating new and repeat business. Our retail point of sale solution helps you answer the question of “What Next”? After selling to a customer.
  • Solid marketing and a loyalty rewards program are proven methods of attracting new and existing customers into your store. Our Reach Retail POS System puts several tools in your hands to help you accomplish this including automated tracking of loyalty plans and tools to market directly to your customer.

Better Planning

Finally, the POS system highlights customers’ buying habits and makes it easy to anticipate future sales. A system report will let you know when most of your sales occur and the most frequently bought items. With this information, your shop can avoid stock-outs.


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