What are the drawbacks of QuickBooks and what is a better alternative?

What are the drawbacks of QuickBooks and what is a better alternative?

QuickBooks is a powerful software with powerful features. It is a software that helps in making invoices and keeping your accounts organized. However, it has its own drawbacks which are listed below:

  1. Features are mainly for large business

It is a powerful software but it is not very suitable for small to medium business while in our country we have more number of small to medium business. And because of this you will not be able to exploit it to the maximum for your needs and business demands.


  1. Upgrade costs

You require to keep your software up-to-date and it requires upgrading your software from time to time. QuickBooks require upgrading as well and that can drill few holes in your pocket as it is quite pricy to upgrade it. It is not worth paying high amount every year for upgrading after purchasing it for a heavy amount.


  1. Online and offline drawbacks

Online software is always better but in case of QuickBooks the offline has more features than the online software but then again you cannot rely on an offline software because of safety matters hence, you are stuck in between with tough choices.


  1. Not scalable

In case you customize it for a small business you cannot use the same software when your business begins to expand. Hence, you will require to purchase another software once again and that adds upto all the expenses you already have in your business.


  1. Requirement of manual oversight

You buy a software to relax so it can do your work but in case of QuickBooks it demands a lot of participation on the user”™s side. This leaves you with same amount of work even with a management software. If you don”™t constantly feed it with information and give guidance it is difficult for it to function properly so to make sure it is error free you have to watch over it all the time.


  1. No real time

This is expected of a software to have a real time access to all the information but in case of QuickBooks it gives little or no access to real time information and this hinders your work process as you cannot take better decisions and stay on the same page with your business in case you are not in the office.


  1. Invoice format

It does not allow customization of invoices in certain countries as it needs to suit the rules of every country business rule but QuickBooks remain adamant in case of some.


  1. Limited users

It limits the number of users to 5 and this makes it a rigid software. There will be several requirements in your business but it will remain limited to only 5 users and this makes functioning very limited.


There is a solution if you look for and the software industry provides it for every business.

Reach accounting software is one of them, it is a suitable software for every sort of business and is cloud based. It is user friendly, easily implementable and allows you to relax without asking for your guidance.

Advantages of Reach:

  1. Customizable

Reach can be used by any business and is suitable for both SMES and large business. Hence it can be used to the maximum with its customizable feature.


  1. Cost effective

Reach costs lesser than many other software out there and it even allows free upgrades. Only 20% revenue is collected every year which is not half of what you pay for upgrades for software.


  1. Real time access

It provides 100% real time access to your accounts and updates it all in real time so you can take decisions right there and then. This makes it easy for you to go away on a trip and yet watch over your business easily.


  1. Unlimited users

It provides unlimited user access hence you can expand your business and have any number of employee use the software for better work flow.


  1. Features

It has all the features you require for your business and it automates your business hence you do not require to always be behind the software checking and guiding it.

Its features are:

  • Dashboard
  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Tax management
  • Inventory management
  • Bank synchronization
  • multi business
  • Multi branch
  • Mobile app
  • Bulk sms and email
  • Pay roll, and much more

6. Safety

It has bank level security with 256 bit encryption, has accessibility restriction menu so you can restrict areas within the software from your employees for more privacy, it shoots OTP every time your employee logs in from outside office and has easy back up as it backs up every 3 hours. Reach also comes with antivirus hence you have no risk of system crash but even if does you already have your data stored in the cloud.


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