Best POS software for Jewellery business

Best POS software for textile business

Reach POS software is one of the best Point of sale in the market. It is cloud based software that customises with your business easily and automates it. Reach POS is accessible from anywhere and is user-friendly so you and your employees can adapt to it as soon as s possible. It has a bank-level security so your data is always safe.

Reach POS provides faster billing, manages your inventory, keeps an account of all the sales and tracks all the products and expenses. It makes your business more suitable for customer interaction improving your customer service indirectly and gains you their loyalty.



  1. POS

This module works even without internet connection and does faster billing.


  1. Purchase management

Creates purchase orders by seeing all the price offers of the vendors. Manages the incoming stock and purchase items.


  1. Lots and barcode

Reads the lots and barcodes automatically using a barcode scanner. Creates lots and batches and generates codes and prints barcode labels automatically.


  1. Addons

Can sync over 36 banks, google doc, google calendar, e-stores, project management tools, click to call, SMS gateways, payment gateways, etc.


  1. Loyalty management

Giveaway point son every purchase and help your customers redeem it on their next or whichever purchase they want to redeem it with. This will increase customer loyalty as the customer’s purchase will be taken seriously and you will give them a better experience.


  1. Inventory management

Keeps your inventory level under check and makes you aware about what is suppose to be shipped and what is to be put back in stock It also helps you decide better by informing you what items are in demand hence you know exactly what to spend on.


  1. Accounting and taxes

Let this messy tax and accounting be handled by Reach POS as it will be handled faster and with no errors. It allows you to send bills automatically to your accounts and ass notes. It prepares VAT, service TAX, TDS and excise reports automatically.


  1. Security and privacy

With Reach, there is no risk of data loss whatsoever. It is cloud based hence you can store your data in the cloud and in a case of any mishaps you have an easy backup. It also has bank level security and comes with accessibility restriction menu hence you can restrict certain areas with the software for more privacy.
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