Best POS software for textile retail business

Best POS software for textile retail business

POS (point of sale) software is a programme that helps in faster billing and managing your retail business with a better business process. POS software is a useful software for all kinds of retail business it makes sure that more amount of work is done in a lesser period of time as it accelerates the workflow with its faster billing and business management system.

Thus getting a POS software for your retail business is a smart move. Deciding on which POS software to finalise must depend on its suitability for your business, its features and other benefits. This will help you to shortlist better and then last but not the least, take a demo so you can practically know how it works and find out which software you are comfortable with.


Reach POS software is one of the best and leading software in the market. It is easily customizable, user-friendly, cloud-based, bank level security and has a variety of features that manages your business in a smart way.


  1. Point of sale

It comes with both touch and keyboard options for billing counters. This feature works even when the internet connection is broken and has separate cash and delivery counters.


  1. Purchase management

The offer prices of all the vendors are easily viewable while creating purchase orders. It also allows you to add purchase and manage incoming stock.


  1. Lots and barcode management

Create lots, batches, auto generates codes and print barcode labels with ease. Reach POS uses barcode reader so all the billing happens faster and it generates other functions automatically.


  1. Loyalty management

Improves your service and helps in assigning points for every purchase so the customer can use it for their next purchase. This gives a feeling to the customers that they are significant for your business hence it increases their loyalty.


  1. Inventory management

Reach POS helps in easy inventory management. It shows the level of your inventory and allows you to see what items are in stock and what are being shipped or sold. This also helps you make better decisions as it gives a clear view of what products are in demand and what are not.


  1. Addons

Synch over 36 banks, Google docs, Google calendar, e-stores, project management tools, SMS, payment gateways, click to calls, etc. Making it easy to open everything from just one software.


  1. Accounting and taxes

Let the TAX, VAT, TDS and excise reports be handles by Reach POS as it automates the processes. Send bills automatically to your account and add notes easily.


  1. Security and privacy

Reach POS has bank level security and stores all the data in the cloud hence you have no risk of data loss. It also comes with accessibility restriction menu so you can restrict certain areas in your software from your employees for full privacy.


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